Prophetic Word for 1/11

Today is 1/11 and a time of rapid acceleration begins today. The window of 11/1 to 1/11 was important for taking steps and stands of faith. That window was about Faith and this window is about Acceleration into promises and rewards. This will be an exciting time with incredible change happening very fast.

Though this is primarily a good thing, I have to also insert a very serious word of caution. Some of the rewards being accelerated into can be less than desirable. The Lord has been speaking to me much about the consequences of a critical spirit. Unrighteous accusations, dishonor and judgments will bring about two very undesired ends. One, is that it literally eats up your rewards as your judgments come back on you to the same measure you have meted them out. Number two, unrighteous judgments produce their own negative harvest.

It is important to be aware that most of the promises, inheritances and jubilee blessings that God is proposing for us will just not happen if our instrument of life or death (our tongue- verbal or written) has been speaking death. This is particularly so if it is about leaders - political or Christian, who have been given authority by God. Jude verse 9, tells us that even Michael the archangel, when disputing with the devil did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him. If the authority that God had given even the devil had to be considered by Michael, then how much more so- political and Christian leaders today even if they are not perfect.

An important question to ask ourselves is have we unwittingly joined the wrong side and become an additional accuser- which is what Satan's name means. It is not just that it is "a sin". It is that it is a sin that will keep you relegated to wilderness realities as opposed to entering into inheritance. You can not pray or rebuke the devil enough to overcome the effects of unrighteous judgments on your destiny. The enemy has rights over us to the degree our wrong judgments empower him.

Repenting is the only method of undoing what was done and then making sure our tongue becomes a source of life and not death. This will not be one of my most popular posts but it contains some of the most vital advice that I can give. My heart in it is that I so want to see all of you step into the amazing inheritances and rewards God is now pouring out on His kids. We don't want to miss the benefits of this unprecedented season. He is for us and not against.

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