College Football Championship Prophetic Message

As you football enthusiasts will know last night Ohio State defeated the Oregon Ducks 42-20 in Dallas, thus become National Champions. Last night the Lord gave me a prophetic message woven into the win. The key individuals in the win are Coach Urban Meyer, QB Cardale Jones and RB Ezekiel Elliot.

Urban Meyer is 50 years. Urban has to do with the Inner City; Meyer means "one who shines". This is the Lord's focus in and over America at this time. 50 is the number of Jubilee when the captives are set free. Ferguson, NYC and other cities of America have been the focus of national attention in recent weeks as the unacceptable plight of Urban America has come to the forefront. Amazingly this Wednesday in the same city that the Championship game was decided (Dallas) there will be a Racial Reconciliation Summit convened by Bishop Harry Jackson at TD Jakes church and attended by many prominent black, white and Hispanic Christian leaders (I will be there as well). Beginning January 6 a swarm of earthquakes have shaken up the city and there have been at least 17 of them in the days since then dominating the news. Something is brewing in the spirit.

Cardele Jones is the 3rd string quarterback that came out of nowhere and directed the last three stirring victories of Ohio State. Nobody had heard of him before then and now there is talk he could be the best QB to go into the NFL next year should he so desire. Appropriately enough the news has told how he came from the very "mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio" to now shine in the public stage. He overcame the perils of the dangerous inner city he was raised in and became the leader of the National Champions. A truly great story. His uniform number 12 is the number of government and divine order and the game was also played on the 12th.

Ezekiel Elliot was also a virtually unknown name until he started his amazing play 3 games ago rushing for over 200 yards in three consecutive championship type games. Ezekiel was born in St.Louis which is where Ferguson is. Quite appropriate that a young man born in that area would arise and shine and be the star of a national championship under a coach named Urban Meyer. His name itself is indicative that it is a prophetic message (Ezekiel was a Biblical prophet for those not aware) and of course Ezekiel 37 on the dry dead bones coming back to life is perhaps the best known passage and story of the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel was asked by the Lord "Can these bones live?" and they not only came alive but became a great army. This story is applicable to what God is about to do in Urban America as we agree and speak life to her. Ezekiel Elliot carried number 15 meaning again that this arising is for this year.

God has looked down and seen the plight of Urban America and He is going to shake us up and come in with power and favor and He is going to rearrange everything and what has been a seedbed for crime and difficulty is going to be a seedbed for rising and shining champions. He is specifically interested in His people coming into agreement that this is next on His agenda, and that it needs to go to the front of the line in our church and national priorities- because it is on His. It is a Jubilee year for this to happen.

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