Repeated Visions of Green California

Since moving to California in the summer of 2013, I have had repeated visions of California as a beautiful green state. Every time I see this vision of a future glorious California I am perhaps more impacted by the emotional feeling that accompanies what I am seeing, which almost takes my breath away. California is so loved by the Lord and He has such a great destiny yet to come for her. That destiny is a treasure hid in the field and must be sought out beyond the 'dirt' that is obvious. California is already in a significant state of recovery but beginning in 2015 the most glorious 20 year period in California's history will begin. The winds of change have already come in and all winds and currents will begin to fall in line with the age of restoration that is upon this state. These new currents and winds will begin to usher in new weather patterns that will greatly contribute to the greening of this state. By the year 2035 most of the state will be green and in fact only that which is strategically desired and designed to stay desert will remain desert. Between new weather patterns and new irrigation technologies California will bloom into a most beautiful garden surpassing it's present beauty by many times. This age of restoration will take California into a glorious age of greening and goldening. The great amounts of gold that still remain unharvested in this state will bring much economic blessing to the state and be a national economic game changer as well. Additionally a renaissance wind of the Holy Spirit will come upon and through the state and the positive reverberations will be global.

Prophetic Signs

In July of this year there were a number of headlines in the LA area that were speaking prophetically. Some of these were in the form of natural disasters. I do not believe these disasters to have been caused by God but yet there is a prophetic message for us from these matters. At the sub-atomic particle level everything is connected to everything, and when creation groans and travails for her redemption this is often the cause for phenomenons and disasters that neither God nor the devil directly manipulate. California's creation is in yearning longing for redemption and restoration and to be clothed upon with the beauty she was designed to carry.

Venice Beach floods and lightning strike

On July 15, it was reported that water main pipe had broken in Venice Beach that resulted in 100,000 gallons of water flooding homes and cars in the area. This was actually a virtual repeat of what took place in the same area 2 years ago. Also on July 27 a rare sudden thunderstorm storm came right over Venice Beach releasing a massive lightning boom that caused some casualties. It was reported that no such thing had ever happened there in at least 40 years. Venice Beach is such a unique place. If you should go down and walk on the boardwalk your natural eyes would tell you that this is a demon-infested area with broken souls everywhere. I remember walking there last year and being aware of this very reality. Meanwhile, my wife who is very spiritually sensitive began weeping when we were down there and to this day says it is the place in California that she has felt the most presence of the Lord's heart and a place she is constantly desiring to return to. Where darkness abounds grace abounds the greater. Venice Beach was founded in the early days of the Azusa Street Revival though not apparently connected in any way. It has had a unique history of creative and economic impact. It is clearly a spiritual door of importance and one that we as believers must pay significant attention to and be prepared to let heaven register there. Maybe also as a prophetic marker the famed rock group The Doors (with Jim Morrison as front man) were formed in Venice Beach in the mid 1960's right at the time the Jesus Movement and the Hippie Revolution were simultaneously taking place. Once again I feel something very significant is brewing in the geographical area and I think lightning marks the spot where a sudden intervention from heaven is coming. He is going to come in with more love, grace and power than what is there to contend in darkness and brokenness. The area is clearly mined in and with witchcraft but He is coming in and He is going to be greater than the challenges. A new sound will come out of Venice Beach and this time it will carry His glory to the world.

The Flooding of UCLA and Pauley Pavilion

About three days after the great lightning strike on Venice Beach a water main pipe broke in the UCLA area of town that released over 10 million gallons of water. This caused 100's of parked cars to be flooded as well as other extensive flooding. Almost all sports fields of UCLA were under water including the famed Pauley Pavilion basketball court where John Wooden won his many national titles. Sunset Blvd had to be closed while the water main was closed off and repaired. Interestingly enough Pauley Pavilion was built in 1965 which was the same year The Doors formed and the key members were from UCLA. The whole of UCLA became like the receptacle of water for this massive flooding event that took place in the midst of the greatest drought perhaps in California history. I believe this whole phenomenon is also speaking of a coming invasion of the Holy Spirit into UCLA, Hollywood and into the Los Angeles general area. In the midst of a season of great lack of water a gully washer of His presence is about to come in that will flood 100's of parked spiritual cars and they will be flooded into activation. The river of His presence will come into every playing field of life and will be the dominant story of that playing field. All playing fields will have to deal with the effects of what the Holy Spirit has deposited there. The official reason these water mains are breaking is that the pipes are up to a 100 years old or more and they can no longer hold the water. New pipes must be put in as what worked before no longer works. What God is about to do through the Holy Spirit will bust up old wineskins and will require the new wineskin that will carry His new wine. This is something shortly to take place.

A California Comeback for the Bald Eagle?

This was a July 18, 2014 headline reported on The big news was that an eagle couple had been found on San Clemente Island for the first time in over 50 years. With that discovery there are now 5 of the 8 Channel Islands that have breeding eagles after all having been extinct since the 1960's. The article went on to chronicle the growing number of eagles all over California. I believe this announcement to also be prophetic and that it speaks of a present and coming grace- and growth in the prophetic anointing over California. Clemente means merciful and it was the 5th isle of eagle discovery with 5 being the number of grace. Grace, grace, grace is being spoken over California and every mountain of resistance is going to come down with these shouts of agreement from eagles voices being sent and released in the state.

The Ancient Paths of Hwy 101 and Interstate 5

Jeremiah 6:16 says "Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls." This is a particularly interesting verse for me as it was the central scripture given to us prophetically in the very first word we received in 2012 telling us we would be coming out west. Totally unplanned, we just happened to note that it was June 16 (6/16) of 2013 when we left Atlanta headed for California. Also totally unplanned we moved to a house just off The Old Road (i.e. Ancient Paths). In the last 10 days or so I have had to drive up and back from Portland, Oregon on Interstate 5. As I was driving on the 5 I had a vision. In one vision I saw Interstate 5 as a river and as I watched the river I saw that there were two colors of the river that seemed to be wrestling with each other for predominance as the river flowed. One was gray and one was blue. I saw as this river went up and down the 5 that in some places and cities the gray was prevailing and in some places and cities the blue was prevailing. More than anything it was a constant battle. I knew instantly that this was a war between two streams of Christianity - one the gray and one the blue. During the Civil War households and brothers would split choosing to fight for either the blue ( Union Army) or the gray (Confederate Army). The gray ultimately fought for the right to keep men enslaved and the blue fought for the right for men to be free. I saw that up and down all of California and really all the way up the 5 to the Canadian border and then on to Vancouver- that a wrestling for supremacy was taking place in the spirit, between church forces that carry the gray and church forces that carry the blue. The forces that carry the gray are those that are more advancing principles and religion and the blue represents the prophetically infused church that advances with all that the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. I saw that gray had been the dominant stream in many places but that God was positioning His eagles up and down the cities on Interstate 5 as well as up and down Hwy 101. Both routes are not just natural routes but ancient paths where "the good way is" . The Hebrew word there for "good" means pleasant, favor and wealth. God is playing chess up and down the 5 and up and down 101 positioning His key pawns and bishops and kings and queens- and though we wrestle not against flesh and blood we are a part of the wrestling with the principalities that would stifle the full release of God's goodness into and through California. I saw that the Lord had positioned us strategically off the 5 in Santa Clarita which is the city right before Los Angeles itself as well as the city with a major "gray" stronghold operating out of it (I won't mention names). As I watched I saw that the Lord was positioning key eagles in Stockton, Sacramento, Redding and then on up the 5 in Oregon at Medford, Albany, Salem and Portland and then continuing up in Tacoma and Seattle while also setting up an eagles nest in Vancouver BC. It is as if we all have assignments to keep the blue water flowing and advancing- and the blue is getting stronger and the gray is getting weaker. Also, of significant interest, I found out that I-5 from Stockton to Portland Oregon was built on what was basically the Siskiyou Trail which was an ancient pathway created by Native Americans centuries ago. The specific route from Stockton through Redding to the Oregon border was a pathway of prosperity that became the pathway of traders and hunters and also the pathway for the 49'ers when gold was discovered in Yreka (Northernmost California). Ironically that ancient pathway of provision and wealth has been in recent times the pathway of poverty as cities up and down that corridor have had significant economic challenges. This is all going to begin to drastically change as the blue is starting to change the atmosphere and is allowing the ancient path of good and rest to be able to be discovered. This is all about California's age of restoration that she is in the initial stages of. I saw that Hwy 101 was in essence the same river with the same dynamics. The 101 goes through Hollywood, becomes El Camino Real (The Royal Pathway) as it goes north and then is the highway that actually crosses over the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco before going on north through the tallest and most majestic trees on the planet called the Redwood Forest (or Humboldt Forest). I saw there were key eagle nests along the 101- and Santa Barbara and Santa Maria come to mind though I am sure He is setting up guardians of the flow of the blue in many more cities up and down the 101 Hwy. The battle in California is not with flesh and blood but it is with religious forces and perspectives. A false perspective and narrative has been going up and down this state that does not see with spirit eyes and errs greatly on both the nature of God and the season we live in. The good news is that the blue is getting stronger and the gray is getting weaker and the atmosphere is changing.

The Green Faucet is About to be Turned on

In yet another vision while driving to Oregon last week, I saw a very large green faucet with only drips of water coming out it. I then saw a very large and happy green angel come to this green faucet. The angel look like the Jolly Green Giant. He began to look up into the faucet and pull out stones that had dammed up the flow of water. He did that for some time as there were many, many stones to remove. Eventually he had them all removed. That allowed me to see that the faucet had not been very wide open anyway. The large green angel then put His hand on the faucet and he was beginning to turn the water fully on when the vision faded. I was shone that the stones were words that had been spoken by Christians with authority that had been damming up the flow of rain and provision for California. These were those who thought they were spiritually astute in speaking against California but they were not in accordance with God's desires for California. A large Jolly Green Angel of breakthrough and provision is being released who is removing these word curses as we agree with heaven and then is about to turn the water fully on. I believe that California will experience a great greening and goldening effect over the next several years as heaven comes to participate with those who are able to see California through God's redemptive eyes. The best days are about to come for California and even for the whole west coast. Believe it, be a part of the blue stream and accelerate the process. What California foreruns with will spread all over.

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