As I was recently listening to my favorite song of the year, Oceans by Hillsong, (for about the 100th time) I was suddenly taken to a place of intense joy where I began to see and know some things that the Holy Spirit was about to do.

First of all, I heard that we had entered a time where Martin Smith's song "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" would begin to be fulfilled. Instantly, I began seeing great crowds of celebrating worshippers all over the planet. I was drawn to look on the faces of those in the crowds and sense the very essence of pure, abandoned worship. The crowds were enraptured with who Jesus is today and their faces carried great sincerity, great passion, great joy, and many tears. As I watched these massive worship celebrations, I could tell that much of the crowd swell was from observers drawn into the swirl of what was taking place. The worship was so real, so authentic, and so full of God's presence that it was almost impossible for anyone to remain cynical. I saw great crowds in the hundreds of thousands, and some in the millions, caught up in this experience of heaven on earth. In some settings many city blocks were filled with waves of people continuing to gather and expand as the exaltation of Jesus intensified. I saw very large worship gatherings in Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, England, Ireland, Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, as well as in the United States. I knew I was seeing only some of the places where nations would not be able to resist being affected by these celebrating crowds of lovers of Jesus. I saw great throngs in seemingly unlikely or improbable places like Japan, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and France. Even Israel and Egypt will have multiple and great worship gatherings. My sense was that eventually every nation will experience some measure of this.

I also saw other spontaneous worship eruptions beginning in the west coast of the USA. Beaches all around the nation began having these spontaneous celebratory worship gatherings take place. Someone with a guitar started strumming and then suddenly hundreds joined in. Sometimes just a voice initiated it all. I saw this phenomenon begin to happen all over the place. New worship anthems arose and began to go around the world. Flash mob worshipping began to arise in many malls and many parks and even business settings. I realize all of these things have happened in some measure already, but what I saw was 100 times greater than what we have ever seen. It is going to be like what Martin Smith wrote and sang in the 90's. "Did you feel the mountains tremble? Did you hear the oceans roar? When the people rose to sing of Jesus Christ the Risen One." We are going to see literal mountains tremble in excitement, but more than that the 7 mountains of society are going to tremble with shifting and changes as a worshipping transformational army of hope-filled lovers of Jesus come out at night to celebrate Him in every imaginable setting. This same army will show up the next day at their posts in society in the mountains of government, media, education, celebration, economy, and family. Every area of culture will tremble as breakthrough solutions are brought into real, every day life. Jesus will be worshipped, not just with song and music, but by sons and daughters of the King manifesting the God of all of life who connects, participates, and solves any and every challenge or crisis. Much of the fodder and fuel of the growing joy and presence in these supernatural worship gatherings will be because of the great things God is doing in the real world. Hollywood and Wall Street will be among the places dramatically touched and altered.

The fame of our God will spread like wildfire and we will experience another line from the song. "Did you hear the singers roar when the lost began to sing of Jesus Christ the saving one?" I saw this will be another phenomenon that takes place, as those not yet believers will be irresistibly drawn into singing these coming anthems. There will be celebratory anthems of joy, but also anthems that carry so much peace and glory that there will be extended times of the most awe-inspiring stillness. This coming mountain-shaking worship that Martin Smith saw as he sang is not only going to be a short term phenomenon, but will last. The grace for it has been released now, but the years of 2015-2050 will be ever increasing with manifestations of this great prophetic song. "And we can see that God you are moving, a mighty river through the nations, when young and old will turn to Jesus. Fling wide you heavenly gates! Prepare the way of the Risen One!"

The reformational aspect of what God is going to do can be heard in the lines "Open up the doors and let the music play. Let the streets resound with singing. Songs that bring Your hope and songs that bring Your joy and dancers who dance upon injustice." The great thing He will do will not be limited to church or revival settings. It must and will resound in the streets of society. The songs of hope will not simply be about our future eternal hope, but the hope and joy of seeing God in the land of the living. Every mountain of society will tremble as the institutional injustices begin to be danced upon by this worshipping and occupying army of hope-filled lovers of God. We will soon begin to see this song that was birthed in the heart of God fulfilled. "Do you feel the darkness tremble when all the saints join in one song? All the streams flow as one river to wash away our brokenness." Our personal and societal brokenness is about to be washed away as we gaze at the One who is whole. Beginning 2015, a Jubilee Generation of God's kids will explode upon the world having broken free from the narrative of most of the church that has lacked a hopeful perspective.

I believe it no coincidence that Oceans has become the theme song of strength for many (me included) in 2014. God has been taking us to a place where our "trust is without borders" and where our "faith will be made stronger in the presence of our Savior." Oceans is also a prophetic marker telling us it is time for the fulfillment of yet another line in Martin Smith's song, "Did you hear the oceans roar?" Hillsong's song Oceans has roared into the hearts of millions, signaling the time for the doors to open and the music to play. As awesome a song as Oceans is, I heard that what we have experienced in that song will be the very shallow end of the pool compared to what He is about to release. The Lord is inviting groups like Jesus Culture and Hillsong and others who have been leading the way to come out to the deeper waters. There are immensely deeper waters in Him to be discovered. The times of refinement have been necessary so that we could be emptied of what we have had, so that we could find the new places available in Him. Get ready, get ready, get ready because heavenly gates are flinging wide even now.

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