Hollywood Game-Changer

As I was recently praying for Hollywood, I sensed the Lord's heart encouraging those who are desiring to bring His solutions to the industry of Hollywood. I felt Him say I am already invading Hollywood far beyond what you can imagine. I am already loosening up the ground and preparing to uproot systems, structures and mafias that you think are just the expected rules of the game. I am even already beginning to put in MY new structures. I heard Him say, get this- in the coming days- there are new rules of the game for advancing in Hollywood- fear ME most, love ME most, trust in ME most, look to ME most- for I am the ultimate game changer in Hollywood and I am looking for those who call themselves after My name who have not sold out to the Hollywood way of doing things. For I am going to raise up an army of my Josephs in Hollywood and they will be as Joseph in Old Testament times who prospered in everything He did- because the Lord was with him. Satan, nor those who have allowed him to use them, can throw up enough roadblocks to counter this factor. If I am with you Red Seas part. if I am with you enemy armies are covered by that sea, if I am with you the Jordan River parts, if I am with you impenetrable walls fall down, if I am with you, the enemy runs when no one chases, if I am with you giants are bread for you....if I am with you you will no longer need to bow to Hollywood funding mafias, if I am with you, you don't need to morally compromise in order to not be blackballed, if I am with you you don't have to attend certain events in order to gain influence, if I am with you all things are possible....And I tell you Hollywood, that I will surely raise up my Josephs and my Josephines and I will put my mantle of many colors on them, and they will begin to receive my heart through their dreams, and they will begin to get that which most in current Hollywood do not - which is THE STORY, I will begin to pour out my stories of glory to those who prioritize Me, and who can see me as greater than the giants in the land. I will raise up my Josephs and they will come into Hollywood under the spirit of Caleb, and even as Caleb went into the Promised Land and pulled out the oversized grapes as evidence of what God could do in the land of the giants- so too many of My sons and daughters will see My goodness expressed through Hollywood, even while many others, like the "10 spies" will be talking about how big and bad the giants in the land are. I sense Him saying to those with His heart for this industry, hear me now on this- I am THE giant in this Promised Land of Hollywood. Compared to me, even the greatest power and principality in Hollywood is an utterly puny piece of bread waiting to be consumed, ...this is what Caleb was able to see, that when I am with you and when I am pleased with you, giants become bread for you. So I command you to stop exalting and studying the giants of Hollywood, because if you don't you will not carry the favor and resolve necessary to advance. You will always lose heart if you overly study the enemy. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. I am the great I am in your midst and I am the game changer and I am changing the game even now. I am sending in reinforcements from without for the Hollywood assignment and you must receive them. Do not think you already know the ropes. Do not think you are the expert on Hollywood and how to have influence. Listen to me- that was the old game. It is a new day and I am THE game changer and I have changed the game- I am going to give Hollywood to my Josephs and my Josephines. These will be those whose primary expertise is ME. They will not be experts on the giants in the land, they will be experts on the giant Lion of the tribe of Judah. They will be bold, they will uncompromising. Hollywoods ability to blackball will bow before my ability to over ride that. I am the Gamechanger and I am in Hollywood even now, changing the game.

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