What a historic revisiting it was having Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu give his message before the US Congress yesterday warning of the impending danger of Iran as it comes increasingly closer and closer to being nuclear-capable. Here it is on the Purim anniversary of when Esther went before the king saying "this wicked Haman is plotting to kill my people", and Netanyahu was before the most powerful political body on the planet saying in essence the same thing. The threat against Israel then and now is sourced by the same demonic principality- the prince of Persia.


Iran truly is taking advantage of the atmosphere created by the sudden arrival of ISIS on to the scene as the United States and other nations are preferring Iran to be the one that runs interference against them at various junctures in several nations. Thus Iran does in fact have a significant ruling presence in 4 capitals that surround Israel. Iran's leaders are being very subtle and strategic and so much so that a pragmatic like our President Obama feels he needs to go with their "good will" and work with them on a plan that trusts them seemingly in a naive way. It is not fair or proper to demonize our President only to be aware that his pragmatism may be working against him being able to see "Haman's intrigue" behind the scenes. We must not spiritually write off our President but pray that the clearing of the air that Netanyahu brought with his speech allow his own eyes to be properly awakened to see as he should. Without spiritual discernment it is not easy.


Regardless of whether our President gets it right, Iran and surrounding nations around Israel have much more to worry about than whether the US will be Israel's protector- though it is our call and assignment. I do believe that a message from God was leaked out through the Super Bowl and its score of 28-24 in favor of the Patriots. The Super Bowl represents being the top stage and even the natural event was spiritual speaking of that which would be right around the corner. We are in that "right around the corner" moment. The 28-24 score connects us to Ez. 28:24 that says, "And there shall no longer be a pricking brier or a painful thorn for the house of Israel from among them, who despise them. Then they shall know that I am the Lord God." This connects to the preceding verses where Ezekiel prophesied profound judgments on Sidon. We will now see another fulfillment of this verse.


In the Super Bowl when it seemed the Patriots had lost the game, suddenly a man named Butler stepped up and intercepted a goal line pass and this sealed the win for the Patriots. Likewise the Lord has his own Butler and his name is Michael the Archangel and he is positioned to intercept Israel's enemies. He is of multiple more times of concern to the enemies of Israel than if even the US can be deceived into being on the wrong side. The Patriots through their zionist owner Robert Craft represents Israel- and God is going to send His forces to intercept that which the enemy is concocting against Israel. There is in fact great conspiring against Israel that is taking place and it is echoing Psalm 2. Here is what I hear from the Lord.


Fear not Israel, nor all of you who love Israel, because you are going to hear HIM roar against Israel's enemies. A severe humbling is about to come to the plotting trifecta of Turkey, Iran and Syria. The previous Arab Spring Uprising was just a warm up for something that will be much more intense- and get ready for round two. ISIS will develop an incurable wound and be vomited out by the very nations it is invading and threatening. I suddenly see Turkey as a piece of meat that dogs are fighting over and pulling it in various directions. Iran is full of many wonderful people- as well as an underground revival of hearts towards the true God. However it's leaders are in direct cahoots with ancient dark principalities and judgment is coming their way and it will be stiff. At some point Iran will flip like a pancake and that which is dark will be buried. Syria will have multiple heads of evil cut off as the Lord releases a Sidon judgment on the nations breathing down Israel's neck. Our God is on the move against terror as this has been an assignment of the devil to thwart this Spring season of the Kingdom Age. This Spring that assignment will meet a severe thrashing directed by our Father Himself under the auspices of His great Archangel Michael. The age of the Kingdom is about to explode on our behalf. Make sure to take out your own personal "terrorists" of fear while that grace is here.

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