Some fresh revelation from the Father

Here is some fresh revelation from the Father. Last night I was awakened and He began showing me His heart towards us His kids. He was saying this He really is here with us to break the individual and collective spirit of fear (terror) that has been plaguing us for a long time. He is roaring on our behalf through angel armies and in every way.

As He spoke I was shown the progression of what empowers fear. He said FEAR is not really something you gain full victory over by directly resisting and rebuking demons of fear. Fear demons are piggybacking on something else. This something else is A LIE ABOUT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. This is what empowers your fear. You have heard that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and that is true. He then showed me that you can't just talk yourself out of the lie about your circumstances. This lie is also piggybacking on another lie. That lie is A LIE ABOUT GOD. When you doubt His heart towards you than it becomes a foundation for the lie about your circumstances. Even this lie about God piggybacks on something else. This something else is A LACK OF A TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. This is to be our helmet of salvation that is our protection. This is where the eventual manifestation called FEAR can be stemmed early on in its' tracks. He showed that there are 4 aspects of true knowledge of God that if we coat ourselves with it will ensure immediate and prolonged victory over fear.

1) He unconditionally loves you. He can't help it.
2) His intentions towards you are only good. He can't help it.
3) He wants your faith tested so you can receive promotions both here and in heaven. This is often painful but remember 1 and 2.
4) He will test you to the point of you questioning or doubting Him and it is only then the relationship can be solidified for maximum fruitfulness and victorious living.(The trial of your faith is more precious than gold 1 Pet. 1:7) Keep remembering 1 and 2.

Lets update and upgrade our knowledge of God and stomp out every cockroach of fear.
He is the God who is for you- not against you; and if God be for you who can be against you? Exactly.

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