"The Lord is high above all nations." Ps. 113: 4

" But why should the nations say, Where now is their God? But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases. Ps. 115:2,3

"Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.And the ends of the earth for your possession." Ps. 2:8

These three passages are meant to be a word of encouragement for those serving the Lord in all the nations of the earth. I have been speaking much into the destiny of the United States but the Lord began to speak to me about His heart for His kids in all the nations of the earth.

I saw a picture of the Lord holding the earth as a Rubik's cube as He was working combinations that would eventually fast forward the advancement of the kingdom of God across the whole earth. Satan has deceived himself as well as others that he is free to rule and reign among the nations with his havoc and destruction. He is personified in much of what ISIS has been doing and sowing in the Middle East. The Lord would have His kids everywhere know that He is HIGH above all nations and in the midst of what looks like chaos He will answer the question, "Where now is their God?".

The Lord began to speak to me that He is paying very close attention to His sons and daughters in all the nations around the world. He is particularly in tune with very unknown and humble but courageous men and women who have had years of faithfulness to Him in prayer and service. He wants you to know He will move heaven and earth on behalf of what you will ask Him for your nations. If there ever was a time when He was saying, "Ask of Me the nations" that time is now. Your nation is not going to earn favor with God by correct legal rulings. Your nation is not going to first become more righteous before He helps. Your nation is going to be impacted with heaven because of you who love Him and who carry your nation in your heart. He is over all the nations and He is here with great armies to help now. If you are a friend of God your nation has hope. He is greater than the dumb idols of your nations and the season for proof of that is now.

I saw that the Lord is even now greatly at work in many nations doing wondrous things, and preparing wondrous things to happen. Venezuela is greatly troubled in many ways, but God's fire is growing throughout that nation and thousands upon thousand are coming to the Lord in this difficult time. I saw God moving mightily in India and especially working with His friends proving to all that the idols are deaf and dumb but that God in heaven is mighty and powerful. He is at work in Iran, raising up a mighty army for such a time as this. He is all over the Middle East setting the captives free. Asia is on fire with His love and China will go to yet another level of revival. Japan has a major spark He is working with. He is truly active all across the globe and He wants His kids everywhere to know- "You have never had more fire power to work with than now." The great angels assigned to every nation are working with the heirs of salvation and the kingdom age is ON as never before.

I see great fires of God in Australia. Something powerful of God to touch all the nations of the world is coming out of her. England is awakening, and there is hope for all of Europe. Do not count your nation out no matter what trends you may think you are seeing. God is greater! Again, I see Him encouraging the small but godly in nation after nation saying- "You are the authority of your nation that we are looking to partner with. Step into your royal authority and let's partner for big things."

All across the world let all His people break out in song to He who is high above all and carries the rod of authority over all nations. Our God reigns! Our God reigns! He is going to showcase that not just in church but among the nations themselves.

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