Last week while with the Lord I heard “the present reformation is greater than 100 revivals”. I knew He was speaking to me out of the paradigm that we communicate from - which is the understanding that we must make the shift from revival-mindedness to reformation-mindedness. His great priority at this time is us shifting out of longing for a visitation (revival), to us partnering in making earth a place of habitation (reformation). This also requires us shifting from church-mindedness to kingdom-mindedness- as we agree with Mt. 6:33 and “Seek first the kingdom of God”. God will visit almost anywhere (much like we will) but He has more requirements as to where He will actually dwell. Accepting the reformation mandate is committing to finding a dwelling place for our God in the 7 mountains (media, economy, government, education, arts/celebration, family and religion) of society. That is how the whole earth becomes full of His glory (Hab. 2:14). According to Rev. 4:5 and 5:6 , there are 7 Spirits of God that are 7 blazing flames of fire, 7 horns and 7 eyes of God- that are looking to bring the Godhead a place of habitation on the earth. The fullness of the King and His kingdom can never be seen in the church even if it were some kind of nightly revival setting. Therefore, He wants us to know that He is already more ahead of us than most of us imagined at making earth ready for more of heaven. While many keep wondering "why revival tarries?"- He wants us to know that a more important matter of societal reformation is in full kingdom-throttle.


Reformation matters are occurring across all 7 mountains in very profound ways. Here are some:

In MEDIA, the enemy is not dead but is in absolute disarray and absolute implosion. This will continue until the reformation-minded sons and daughters of the King arise and shine- and bring the salt and light of truthful and hope-filled seeing and reporting into mainstream media. Our assignment in every mountain always involves not just being “truthful” but in being bearers of good news- as that is what the word gospel means. President Trump is the bull in this china shop overthrowing the establishment and it is now up to us to arise with missional understanding. Major reform is already in the works.

In EDUCATION, the acknowledged failure of our present system is creating all sorts of new opportunities for school models and systems that are now exploding in the form of charter schools and other alternative school models. I am personally aware of a public school replacement model that has gone under the radar but still has over 300 new successful schools nationwide with top of line outcomes. This is just the tip of the iceberg as education reform is advancing in many, many ways that will be evidenced shortly. 

In GOVERNMENT, it is quite obvious we are going through massive overhaul- and yes a “draining of the swamp”. As it is playing out before us, it is evident that as many Republicans as Democrats are in the “swamp” and so this is not a partisan thing taking place but a rather a sweeping reform. President Trump is of course the catalyst for all this and he is only beginning. Explosive revelations such as who really was in “Russian collusion" are only going to increase. The FBI, the IRS, the Attorney General’s office and the Intelligence Community have already been exposed for their duplicity and outright crookedness. President Trump will continue to prosper in his exposure of that which has been treacherous. Do not be deceived by his low approval numbers thinking that will slow him down - as it will not. He is anointed/appointed to spearhead reformation and it will continue. His “extremely low” approval rating of 35-43% (depending on who you believe, CBS-Rasmussen) is still better than Ronald Reagan’s approval ratings were after TWO years (1/31/83) after becoming President. Ronald Reagan went on to win a record 525 electoral votes, 49 of 50 States and defeated Walter Mondale by a whopping 18.2% in the popular vote in 1984. Do not be surprised if President Trump is able to pull off those kind of numbers- particularly if he has had a chance to prove he is also looking out for minority Americans, which is in his intent. Furthermore, he is being given almost no credit for essentially ending the ISIS as a caliphate concept (they just lost Mosul and Raqqa) and at some point that credit will come to him. There will continue to be extreme Islam ideology in some fashion or another, but from now on they can count on being called what they are and being dealt with according to the horror of their ways. President Trump carries a Romans 13:4 mandate:

“He is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, BE AFRAID; for he carries not the sword in vain, for he is a minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath on him who does evil.”

This is not the authority that a church minister is to carry, but it is an authority that is entrusted and expected by one called to the mountain of government. The accountability and responsibility is even higher when you are in the lead nation of the world position that the United States- as you now have the expanded assignment of dealing with rogue nations that are led by clearly evil people such as North Korea, Iran and arguably Venezuela. Expect President Trump to be ever increasing the pressure on these nations as it is within his reformation assignment.

In ECONOMY, the reformation is igniting above perhaps any mountain. The unemployment rate is down to 4.2% and that is now becoming a real number as so many more jobs are now available (at least 1,000,000 since election) and it is not just people giving up on the job market. Furthermore the Dow Jones continues to skyrocket and is now approaching 24,000. There have been 70 new record highs set for the Dow Jones since Donald Trump was elected President. This despite being fought tooth and nail for almost every economic stimulus that President Trump proposes. Before he is done, I believe he will have the Dow above 30,000 and true unemployment at or under 3%. None of this is or was projectable by the economic “experts" but is because of the anointing that is on President Trump that is totally connected to the assignment of the reformation of nations. It is the enemy that wants the world economy killed. God wants it revived -even while knowing many will misuse the prosperity. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Our God comes that we might have the abundant blessings of life. If you are a lover of God and His kingdom and an entrepreneur these are the best of days coming up. The only way you will remain, as it were, on the outside looking in, is if you are running on the old, disapproved of narrative, wine/whine skin, the says we are headed for dark days and advancement of Satan’s kingdom. Prosperity will be elusive for you if you stick with that story line and furthermore you would be rather without purpose for prospering with that mindset. These are devastating days for Satan’s kingdom and you can exponentially increase that reality as you embrace the proper narrative of it being our God's kingdom age - and then finding your place in that narrative. As an aside, if you financially prospering is dependent on an overall financial collapse, or the collapse of the dollar, or the bottom dropping out of Wall Street-  then I believe you will be very disappointed.

In the FAMILY mountain many reformation breakthroughs are taking place and we of course desperately need that. Upgraded new tools for communication and new tools for inner healing/recovery are coming in ever increasing waves. Some major shift in the spirit-realm was decreed that has women and their justice, their destiny and their freedoms being prioritized. Wonder Woman was a movie with a divine message and a divine timing even if it didn’t have perfect theology for all of you "perfect theology" watchers. That movie was directed by a woman and it carries an anointing on it that particularly the next generation is sensitive to. Then we had the message of Hurricane Irma and the release of woman into full leadership that I already spoke into. It is of no coincidence that as we have shifted into the new Hebraic year of 5778, that a very noteworthy shift towards women’s justice matters has also taken place. Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy died September 27, and it meant something significant in the spirit realm. He is the man most responsible for pornography going mainstream and by extension, the one most responsible for women being objectified. It is no light thing. Almost immediately upon his passing it as if a switch went on that now has Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood and an ever increasing array of powerful men who have been taking sexual liberties of women now being exposed. A new line in the sand is being drawn on behalf of women that society will not retreat from- as an intolerance for sexual harassment goes viral. Unfortunately the church has some of its own exposures forthcoming in this process as powerful men in church have been exhibiting this same behavior towards both women and men. Ultimately, the greatest reformation catalytic power will be activated when women are embraced and released into their full leadership stature. When women fully arise, sex trafficking and mainstream pornography will be almost exterminated as these are a part of the same root system and they are extremely related. Great reformation is in effect- but just starting for this mountain.

In ARTS/CELEBRATION there is a huge reformation going on that has just been given a turbo boost by the Harvey Weinstein revelations. Major studios are about to receive deathblows as deeply imbedded culture gets exposed and a whole new operating system gets introduced into Hollywood. Much of this coming reformation of Hollywood will be spearheaded by women, as the yoke of powerlessness is broken off of them. Hollywood’s coming overhaul is so profound that anything in the industry that does not reform will collapse. Hollywood has been the biggest hypocrite on the planet and they are being given a chance to save their souls- so to speak. DC’s “swamp” has clearly had Hollywood roots and those are being exposed. Kingdom of God waves of reform will incrementally hit it until it becomes informally known more as Holywood than Hollywood. Scoff if you want, but in the spirit realm it is a done deal. If you are in Hollywood you can cooperate with what’s coming or become a casualty of what is coming.

In RELIGION/CHURCH the great reformation taking place involves expanding our parameters of assignment from within the four walls of the church to the 7 mountains of society. The next phase then involves understanding that what we are assigned to carry into the 7 mountains is not rules or finger-pointing but rather presence, heavenly solutions and almost anything that comes under the banner of LOVE. We must go into the mountains as Caleb the treasure hunter and not as the giant-obsessed, grasshopper-minded 10 spies. We have been scaring each other with our giant-reporting. Even as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation we are being quickly ushered into an entirely new Societal Reformation that begins with the church reforming its reason for existing. God has never needed us to be the rules-committee for earth but has always desired us to be the presence-carriers. What is new for the pioneering presence-carriers is the understanding that the presence is not just for goosebumps but it is for the reformation of society. We are headed for accelerated heavenly displacement of darkness as we fully reform to this original intent. This, of course, was laid out in Jesus’ first message when He said “You are the light of the world”.


For anyone who can see in the spirit-realm it is quite obvious that unprecedented angelic hosts and beings have been sent to earth- and in particular the United States- for such a time as this. Learning to recognize them and learning to work with them is a major next step for anyone getting on board this Reformation Train. They are here because it is time for a great work on earth for the kingdom of God. God knows that most of His people are still asleep to the reformation assignment- but He has found "Gideon and his 300" and He is moving all of heaven to work with them. As in Gideon’s day, soon most of the army will also engage, but it is our assignment to turn them into believers of the new narrative by our own successes. Billions of great warring angels are already here for this momentous time- as heaven needs no angelic protection for themselves. They are here not to rescue us, and for sure not to escort us off the planet. They are here so that “the giants” of the Promised Land of the 7 mountains look like and become “bread” for us (Num. 14:9). One taken “Jericho" in the Promised Land, is greater than 100 “water from the rocks” in the wilderness. We are no longer in the wilderness.

-Johnny Enlow