(John 11:22, Mark 11:22, Hebrews 11:22)

November 22, will usher in perhaps the greatest Thanksgiving Day ever for our nation. Because we are in a season of war, it is at times difficult to give a word that simultaneously acknowledges the casualties of this war- while yet pointing out the victories we are stepping into. By nature of living in California I am unavoidably aware of the tragic loss of life brought on by the recent shooting and subsequent unprecedented California fires. May the comfort and grace of the Holy Spirit surround each and every one of the affected- like a garment of glory- and I declare over you that beauty will come from ashes. I am counterintuitively decreeing your greatest Thanksgiving Day ever with payback and rewards in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Where darkness abounds an even greater grace will be released. We weep with you and yet declare a future of much, unexpected rejoicing.


We are unmistakably at war in ways most of us can’t even presently imagine. The nation is at war and as part of that California is on the front lines of that war. Behind the curtain of what is visibly puppeteered to us via the news media there is a battle of the ages raging between established deep darkness and the sons and daughters of Light. Most intercessors are aware of this and I think perhaps more passionate and informed intercession is rising to heaven at this time than at any time in our history. This is proof that we are at war. The good news is that darkness can not triumph over light and so we are witnessing one of the great stories of the ages. In the midst of our confusion and momentary bewilderment a great victory has already been decreed for us. This great war is designed to produce great victories.


What is being exposed and then being defeated is deeper darkness than we imagined. We are in the midst of a parted Red Sea moment and we can clearly see Pharaoh’s chariots, horses and men and it is a bit unnerving. Syndicated wheels of darkness look like they are going to run us over. However, instead of being run over God is going to remove those chariot wheels of oppression just like He did in Exodus 14. He is then going to release the full justice weight of His Red Sea on those entrenched in the mud. For instance what California has been going through has not been caused by global warming or happenstance disasters. It is sinister, directed and intentional and there are both demonic forces and human elements involved.

Resist the urge to want to curse and bash California and realize that it is front lines for kingdoms clashing. Darkness has embedded itself deeper in California and knows that as it gets exposed and cleared up here it will have national and world repercussions. The embedded evil at the top of all the 7 mountains (media, family, economy, government, education, arts, religion) has been worse than we thought. Our political system has been almost entirely compromised and that is both on the Republican side as well as the Democrat. Our governing agencies for food and medicine have not only been compromised but intentionally injected with death. This will be forthcoming once the Goliath of compromised, lying media is beheaded. Yes it has been “fake news” and we will soon enter a new day for the mountain of media where “Davids” will rule. Israel shook for 40 days under the siege of Goliath because they had no anointed representative on their "mountain of media". David came and challenged Goliath’s narrative, established a new narrative and then beheaded the big, lying mouth- setting God’s people free to shout and defeat their oppressors. When we see Goliath beheaded we better never let the mountain of media be so completely taken again.


Now the better news. I have been very encouraged by God through a series of dreams in the last few days. I won’t go into them now as I am still not clear if they speak naturally or spiritually or even both. Whichever one- it is good. I am hearing that He is granting us the greatest Thanksgiving Day ever as a nation and there are specific promises and truths from John, Mark and Hebrews 11:22 that He is highlighting for us at this time. He knows it has been a season of war - with loss, with disorientation, with questions of “Where is God?”. It has been a season to be challenged and therefore grow in faith. Engage that faith now and see a great reward for it.


John 11:22 “But even now I know that whatever you ask of God, God will give you.”

Mark 11:22 “So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.”

Hebrews 11:22 “By faith Joseph, when he was dying, made mention of the departure of the children of Israel, and gave instruction concerning his bones.”

The common theme for these three passages is FAITH. In John 11, the context is the death of Lazarus and it is Martha telling Jesus she knows God will listen to Him though she doesn’t really believe Lazarus can rise from the dead. Jesus needed to be there BEFORE the death in her mind. Jesus had already given His view on Lazarus in 11:11 where He said: “Our friend Lazarus sleeps.” There are matters and promises that seem dead and God is about to showcase resurrection power. Something of this ignites November 22.

In Mark 11:22, this is the passage where Jesus right after the scribes and Pharisees discuss how to destroy Him (because He had drained the temples' “swamp”)- talks about "mountain moving" faith being activated as we doubt not in our heart. Verse 24 is even clearer. “Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you have received them, and you will have them”. This well-known promise on the rewards of faith was given at a time of conflict and clash. He is speaking that to us again today.

The context of Hebrews 11:22 is, of course, the faith chapter of the Bible. Verse 22 is yet another verse on death being swallowed up in victory as in the Lazarus story. It is remarkable in that hundreds of years before Israel actually experiences the exit out of Egypt of Exodus 14, Joseph is seeing it and prophesying it. Again a message for us this 11/22 that He is swallowing up death and that it is time for our own Exodus 14 day as a nation.


It would be remiss of me not to mention that this Thanksgiving Day is also the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This is a day remembered for profound national sadness as a young visionary President who championed freedom and warned of socialism was tragically taken out. That aspect of his message is ready to resurrect today and it is no accident that President Donald Trump chooses JFK’s desk as the desk of choice (he has 7 to choose from). JFK was the last President to attempt to take out elements of the deep syndicated evil and there is a double grace for that to now take place. 5 is the number of grace and 55 is double grace. It is resurrection power.


The horse racing for this year never stops giving. I have given several prophetic words on key horse races starting with Promises Fulfilled being an 18-1 odds winner of the Fountain of Youth stakes early this year. Then Justify won the triple crown of racing overcoming the favorite Good Magic (“slight of hand”, “alternative power”, “deceit” or i.e. “fake news”) in muddy and foggy conditions. Justify was named by its owners from the book of Romans where it is mentioned several times (by His blood, by grace, by faith- see Romans 3:24, 28 and 5:1 and 9).

Well, another horse has now made a name for himself since Justify retired to siring (undefeated). Accelerate is yet another chestnut/red horse who is being called a late bloomer. He only became significant in this his 5th year of his life and really only because of the last 5 wins before the year-end final Breeders Cup Classic- which is an open race for horses of all ages to determine best of the year. Accelerate won this last race here in November while wearing a number 14 and wearing green. Because of this win, there is now a discussion of who was the horse of the year Justify or Accelerate. I love that as they are both significant. (note the double 5’s with Accelerate)

Justify championed with the color red, which this year I have associated with the mountain of media, the blood of Jesus and Trump winning what he needs to win to do what he is called to do. The "red tsunami" cannot be limited to any one of these though it is all assured by the true tsunami red of the blood of Jesus. That is what sets and pushes the winning agenda of the kingdom. I believe the Accelerate button gets pushed this Thanksgiving Day and the green color is about prospering. We prosper (Accelerate) because He paid the price by His blood (Justify). We cross the Red Sea so we can enter the green luscious Promised Land (Promises Fulfilled) that flows with milk and honey. The number 14 is yet another reference to the Exodus 14 day we are in where we are being delivered through the Red Sea/Tsunami/Waves. This rescue operation of God is intense, it is messy, it is at times disorientating- but stay encouraged and be assured it is not being stopped. Those in other nations who are already also seeing your "deep darkness" exposed be encouraged as well- as His rising justice will be relentless in your nation as well. It is a time for courage, a time for resolve, a time for faith and a day to chose crazy hope and joy. He doesn’t lose any fights (or races) He gets in- and He is in this fight- for the nations. It is the just reward for His suffering and He is going to enjoy putting the enemy in His place. We should too. Surprises are coming.