Q Anon and the Deep State Conspiracy Theories?

If you haven’t heard about who Q or Q Anon is you probably will soon. In brief, Q is a high level government source who is clearly in President Trump’s inner circle. Since October of 2017 Q has been posting on the back channels of the internet regarding the fight to take down “deep state” corruption or as President Trump has stated “draining the swamp.” Q has communicated that he/they aren't a single person, but are rather a group of under 10 who all post anonymously as Q or Q+. The detailing of what they are exposing and bringing down is so shocking that main stream media refers to it as the Q Anon conspiracy theories. Not surprisingly, the main stream media has been directly implicated by Q as being complicit with the entire deep state’s web of corruption. Q's evidence is quite compelling on this matter.

If you've only recently heard about Q through main stream media sources, then you’ve likely been misled 100% as to Q's credibility. You’ll definitely need to find an alternative source for truth in order to determine facts and reality. I recommend video posts on You Tube by Praying Medic, an anointed and credible man, who has been decoding and explaining the cryptic-type posts from Q. A good video by Praying Medic to begin with is “Q Anon for Beginners.” From my perspective and many others, the Q Anon phenomenon is not a conspiracy theory, but a credible behind the scenes detailing of how the process of draining the swamp of corruption is actually progressing. Beyond what has already taken place that very few seem to be aware of, this exposure of evil is designed to prepare us for the even more shocking revelations that are to come. Personally, I've only researched Q for the last month because some who read my prophetic words contacted me to tell me that what I was prophesying seemed like confirmation of what Q has been communicating and exposing. Q is not my source for prophetic insights nor has he been in the past, but he/they seem to be convincing proof of the coming justice of God that I've been writing about over the last year or so.

Is There a Deep State Conspiracy?

One of the reasons I was slow to look into Q is that it sounded like yet another conspiracy theory that I’ve frankly heard about- all of my life. I hate conspiracy theories because they feed and breed fear and promote feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. Those who promote them think they are doing a service by “waking” people up, but since conspiracy theorists are generally devoid of the perspective of the higher things God is doing, it rarely does anything but advance fear. Generally speaking, conspiracy theorists are much like the 10 spies sent to the Promised Land along with Joshua and Caleb. They tell of the might of the giants in the land and sell a narrative that keeps themselves and their audiences feeling as if they are mere victims or “grasshoppers.” Somehow this is supposed to be a valuable reality check, but instead it serves to keep people out of their promised land. Calebs see the big giants and declare they are a defeated foe (“they will be bread for us”) as we move forward in obedience to God. Being a conspiracy theorist, like one of the ten spies, may wake people up, but not to the right thing. It is necessary for me to make this clear because my support for the Q posts is not as a conspiracy person but as one actually getting encouragement and confirmation of what I sense God has been saying. The Q posts point out the enemy but always in the context of darkness and evil that is being displaced. A consistent and frequent quote released from Q is that America is going “from dark to LIGHT” and that is a truer statement than perhaps even Q knows.

Which Conspiracy is the Actual True Conspiracy?

The reality is that there is a present deep state conspiracy that is being uncovered and will fully be uncovered. We should already be shocked by what has come out so far but because the main stream media has been in major misinformation and disinformation mode, many haven’t known what’s really going on. It has been like a fog. Once the truth of it all goes truly viral the vast majority of those who are now considered main stream media no longer will be. That is a certainty. There has been an organized conspiracy that is or borders on treason and this is actually in the process of being brought to light. I can’t imagine it not being out by the November mid-term elections.

However, what I want to address here is the preponderance of conspiracy theories and how they cannot ALL be true. One of the reasons the Q Anon movement has been initially slow on gaining traction is that those who easily believe the corruption and deceit exposed by Q are often people who tend to embrace conspiracy theories. Many may initially take interest in what Q communicates but then drop off because they feel they are associating with the conspiracy crowd they are not a part of. I hope to help navigate through some of that.

The following are some of the groups or syndicates that are currently viewed by many conspiracy theorists as having some kind of global plan to take over: the Illuminati, Free Masonry, the Cabal, the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschilds, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the CIA, the New World Order proponents, the New Age Movement, Islamism, the reptilian/alien/nazi cult based in Antartica, George Soros, witches, the Luciferian occult, the Hivites, the Rockefellers, Jewish Zionism, Christian Zionism, Opus Dei, the Patriot/Identity movement —not to mention the mafia or drug cartels, the social anarchists’ movement, and the new socialist movement. This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a pretty good start. What may be surprising to those of you who have bought into one particular perspective or another is that there are so many.

My point here is not that there are NO conspiracies. My point is that these cannot possibly ALL simultaneously coexist and succeed. At some point very soon the hidden braintrust of the present world conspirators in our USA government are going to be exposed. It may end up being one of the above groups, or a work of collaboration of two or three of the above groups, or it may be an entirely new group that is in the spirit of some of the above but not yet unmasked. It is important for them to be exposed and for the web of darkness to be brought to justice. Could it be that the Hivites, a pedophilia ring of world blackmailers, operate at the highest levels of all the 7 mountains of culture, and are responsible for it all? Sure. There is beginning to be a mountain of evidence that pedophile rings are somehow involved. Could it also be the Illuminati? Yes, but then it is unlikely that it’s Free Masonry as they had a clear break between themselves despite many similarities. And if these two groups are in fact the puppeteers behind the web of corruption, then it can’t also be the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Bilderbergs, and the Rothschilds —and for sure not these supposed shape-shifting reptilian aliens who run things from underground Antartica. For the sake of argument, if all of the above listed were in fact in collusion what do we make of the radical Islamic plan to force everyone on the planet to bow to sharia law? How do hidden world domination plots by Jewish elements, by Nazi elements, by Islamic elements even have a chance of all working together? If all of these did somehow conspire together what about the Opus Dei wing of the Catholic Church and its supposed world domination plan —not to mention the present world fear that Christian Zionists are trying to take over the world. Chasing conspiracies is exhausting and particularly disempowering for those that supposedly adhere to “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

Conspiracies Matter When There is No God

While we watch, pray and agree with exposures at the highest level, let us remain mindful of the following scripture, which is powerfully relevant to us today.

“Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot IN VAIN?” The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against His Anointed One... The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them... Then He rebukes them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath... Ask of ME, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:1-2,4-5,8

The question isn’t are there world conspiracies. There are of course a myriad of world conspiracies. Most of the above groups do exist and do have a world agenda. Most of them think their world agenda is best, so to them the ends justify the means. Manipulating people through media, economies, education systems, and science -while eliminating obstacles and people who oppose their agenda -are seen as necessary ways to advance what they think is best. Because their agendas are ultimately diabolically sourced, their endgame is often to directly oppose God’s kingdom by being against or even eliminating Christians and Israel. Many conspiracy theories have wired in antisemitism. When powerful Jewish men do great evil or harm it feeds that idea.

So yes, these horrific plots and conspiracies are a reality in this world. However, God is not impressed with conspiracies of even the highest order or the greatest level of world collusion. He literally laughs at them all. Wow, for me, that’s all I need to know. The world’s true Powerbroker, who can with one word remove the breath of anyone, says, “I’m laughing at you Conspirators! You may think you’ve covered all of your human bases in your carefully and deviously crafted plans, but you’ve forgotten who still sits as Lord over all!!” There is a literal fulfillment of Psalm 2 taking place right now. God is angry with the pervasive evil that many have partnered with and they will be rebuked in His anger and even terrified by His wrath. I love how, in verse 8, God Himself punctuates what our focus should be on in these days when it SEEMS as if someone else is pulling all the strings. He says, “Ask of ME, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Is this not invigorating and empowering!? We can either exhaust ourselves chasing conspiracies because we think that empowers us or we can just realize WHOSE GOT THE POWER and ask Him for our nations.

The last 3 verses of Psalm 2 are most relevant for right now and let every ruler on the earth take note:

“Therefore you kings, be wise; BE WARNED, you rulers of the earth.” (This includes George Soros, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Hollywood “elite.") “Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry with you and you be destroyed in your way, for His wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”

The world is about to change in a more monumental way than most could have imagined. Deep darkness that is decades and centuries old is going to be exposed and judged because it’s time for the sons and daughters of the King to possess the kingdom on earth. This is what’s next on planet earth and it’s going to be a progression and not just some one-time event. We are at a Daniel 2:44 moment which says, “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.”

There is only one conspiracy that’s going to accomplish its agenda and it’s a conspiracy of love, mercy, and kindness. What God could accomplish in an instant through fear and intimidation He is going to patiently accomplish through His partnering kids who have agreed to carry His image. Unrepentant evildoers who have abused their power and harmed others will find themselves in the crosshairs of God’s anger- because they are harming God’s “the least of these”. God’s justice targets evildoers so that He can release a new measure of mercy for the afflicted and needy. Let us be ones who partner with and celebrate His justice while being conduits ourselves for love and compassion. Even the wicked and abusers have an option for grace when His justice knocks on their door. We are to remember as everything unfolds that there is ultimately just one enemy behind it all and he uses broken and deceived people to accomplish his bidding. His justice is here now and we are to understand it and to agree with it.