For those who have been following me from the beginning of 2018, you know that I began speaking of a "Crimson Tide" Red Wave/Tsunami of Justice ever since the Alabama Crimson Tide won the College Football National Championship against the Georgia Bulldogs. It is significant to me that Alabama has not given up the #1 spot all year and that yesterday led by coach Nick Saban they won their championship playoff game by beating the Oklahoma Sooners 45-34 thus ensuring that they finish 2018 as the #1 team in the nation and into their fourth consecutive national championship game. I again see all sorts of parallel prophetic messages for us from this result and it can encourage us.


The Crimson Tide speaks of the blood of Jesus setting the agenda for the day in wave after wave, and I have spoken much about this. It also refers to the red color associated with what our President carries. This is less about Republican Red than it is about Trump Red as he is truly going after deep darkness in both parties.


It is quite significant that the winning score would be 45 for the Alabama Crimson Tide. An Israeli organization has made a commemorative coin for this year that has the faces of Cyrus and Trump side by side as they honor his historical role in 2018 in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. It is amazing that Trump is the 45th President of the United States and that it is Isaiah 45 that describes a God-appointed Cyrus that would "subdue nations" and "disarm the armor of kings" (verse 1) and be one who blessed Israel.

Isaiah 45:2 tells of God opening "double doors" before this Cyrus. This was specifically speaking of the moat of Babylon that was designed to make them impervious to an invasion. No Biblical city better represents the "deep state" and so the Babylon references are quite enlightening. In that same verse, the Lord said that He would "break in pieces the gates of bronze". This referred specifically to the literal 100 gates of bronze that Babylon had. What Trump is up against is very similar in that there are a lot of "bronze gates" that need to be broken "in pieces".

Isaiah 45:3 tells specifically of God's promise to disclose "hidden treasures" to Cyrus for his partnering execution of the Lord's agenda. This is important to be reminded of at this time when the Stock Market seems precarious and the battle with the Federal Reserve is seeming to enter a critical stage. Whatever short-term economic waves and bumps take place it will all tend towards prosperity because Trump has the Cyrus anointing on his life. Trump's task is formidable as he seemingly needs to eradicate or reinvent both the Fed and the CIA not to mention several other "Babylonish" structures.

The encouragement for us and for him is Isaiah 45:5 "I am the Lord, and there is no other; There is no God besides Me. (i.e. The "deep state" does NOT rule) I WILL GIRD YOU, though you have not known Me." Many freak out that Trump is not a model of "Christian" character but be assured God is still "girding" him for victory - because it is on behalf of His people. Furthermore, once we all discover what all President Trump has actually known- as to certain individuals and situations- we will be shocked he showed as much restraint as he did. A great "Christian" trait he has modeled is courage and this has been the most necessary trait required at this key time in history.


The name Nicholas means "victory of the people" and this is so significant at this time as we understand Trump's assignment from God. The derailing of the "deep state" is ultimately putting power back in the hands of the people- understanding it has been in the hands of evil manipulators for nearly a hundred years. To the degree we still think of it as a Republican vs. Democrat thing or even a Conservative vs.Liberal matter we are still being played by the masterminds. They have effectively kept us fighting each other so that we would not see them. This changes now and it is a great victory for the people.

After the 2018 Super Bowl, I noted both Nicholas Saban and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nicholas Foles as key names for upcoming great victories. The Philadelphia ("brotherly love") Eagles became national champions under the leadership of Nicholas Foles. The Philadelphia Eagles primary color is the green of the mountain of economy and the Alabama Crimson Tide have the primary color of red which goes with the mountain of media. Our mountain of media and our mountain of economy will be totally overhauled under the years of Trump. When it is done we will no longer be based on "fake news" nor on a fake economy. A great era is before us, and in it, God is bringing liberty and justice to His people. Without justice, there is no true liberty, and without true liberty, the actual atmosphere of heaven is constrained.

45 + 34= 79 (5779)

The score total from the game was 79. Those are the last two digits of the 5779 Hebraic year we find ourselves in since last Rosh Hashanah. This is to confirm to us that the timing for all of these "Cyrus" events is specifically NOW.


Isaiah 45:8 is part of the Cyrus decree over President Trump that our God has made and receive it as a prophetic promise.

"Rain down you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness; Let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, AND LET JUSTICE SPRING UP TOGETHER. I, the Lord have created it."