As I was flying across America from Atlanta to Los Angeles, the Lord began to speak to me His heart for America. This is how my spirit heard it. I was on flight 6555 and it reminded me of Isaiah 55:5 and God’s determination to be glorified among the nations. Triple 5’s also represent great grace.

"America, America, I am patient and kind and it is time for you to understand the place you hold in my heart. You must stop seeing me as the God that is angry with you as a nation, and nor do I have judgment stored up for you. Let that soak in deeply My children, as many of you are missing this. My ways and my thoughts are not like yours in so many ways. I do not look for reasons to judge or disqualify, but my nature is to find reasons to exonerate and bless. My mercy always looks to triumph over judgement.

I am far more patient than you have perceived- and because of this you have wrongfully lived under an expectation of judgment. This mood has been over my people in America for hundreds of years. Know that this is not who I am…I am the God who considered Abraham a close friend, even though he had multiple wives and even though he had slaves. I was against polygamy and against slavery even in his day- but in my patience I was not working on that at that time. I am a God of great patience. My chastisement comes to a nation, not when that nation is not perfect, but when that nation refuses to work on the issue or issues I am going after at that moment…David also was my great friend, and he too had Abraham’s shortcomings and more. Yet I was pleased with the way my servant David was able to perceive me in his day and time…And now know that I am pleased with what you have done, with your status as lead nation on the planet. You are my gift to the world- I orchestrated your formation- and you are progressively releasing my kindness into the nations of the world. You have consistently been a first responder to catastrophies and disasters around the planet, as well as the primary funders of the advance of the gospel. You have risked and sacrificed lives and billions of dollars- as you have attempted to respond to crises in nations where people are killing each other. You have lacked wisdom and understanding even on how to properly respond- but know that I have not judged you for this but rather released mercy and grace to you and over you.

America, America, know that beyond looking at your governments righteousness or lack of it, that I have looked at My people who are called by My name. When I talk to America, I talk to those I have given authority to represent America. Only occasionally is that the government itself. My ears and eyes have always been towards those that are Mine- and in America I have many who are Mine, and who honor Me to the best of their ability to do so. I am the God who would not have destroyed evil Sodom and Gomorrha had there been 10 righteous, though the evil of that city was beyond what you can imagine. Later on I gave mercy to the whole nation of Israel because I found one man in Moses, who would satisfy my requirement for righteousness. Again in another time and day, for the sake of one man- David- I rescued and restored the whole nation of Israel. I am so totally unlike any of you in the patience of my ways- and the heart of mercy that I carry. You have not understood my patience and my kindness and it is time you receive a fresh understanding of that, because of what I am about to do on your behalf.

America, America I am about to pour out the most abundant grace I have ever poured out on a nation. I am about to shower you with kindness. I am about visit you, your children and your children’s children with a kindness you will not feel like you have earned or have deserved. I will pour out abundance on you as you have never seen as a nation and you will be good stewards of the abundance that I will pour out on you. I will bless you in your fields, I will bless you in your boardrooms, I will bless you in your churches, I will bless you in your businesses, I will bless you with amazing new discoveries of wealth and I will bless you with amazing new inventions and strategies. Furthermore, my hand of protection will be on you. You have agreed with the enemy more than you know, for surely it is he that has desired for you to be judged and destroyed. He has accused you to me night and day- for you have not been near perfect and you have been far from blameless. However your righteousness has been on pace with my progressive expectations, and I have as well, heard the millions of prayers requesting mercy. I have millions and millions in America who honor Me with the best they presently know how to honor Me with. Your knowledge of Me is quite limited -but millions have been faithful to what they have known of Me and I have deemed you ready for a multi-generational blessing of grace and abundance. So My protection will be on you even as it has been- as I have been your shield, and it has not been your military might or strength that has saved you. It is I who have unplugged and exposed multiple attempts to destroy America. Surely the enemy has raised up a mighty army against you, but know that I have limited him and he has managed only very minor casualties. These I permit in part so that you understand the assignment against you and so that you stay on guard and in a good place with Me. Blessed is the nation who’s shield is the Lord God.

America, America, a river of true righteousness is about to flood your streets and it will be that which comes from my infinite kindness and infinite patience. I will invade every area of society with my praise, my glory and my goodness. I will do this thing, because I have those that see and know Me as this kind of God and have requested this of Me at this time. My people who are called by My name, there is that which I ask of you for this season- so that you do not find yourself fighting Me. This requirement is that you show the same patience and kindness to society that I am and will be pouring out upon you. I will be aggressively and extravagantly loving you and your nation and I ask you to step into that same aggressive and extravagant love. I ask you to cease to be known by what you are against but that you become known by love. Do not call it love- to be judgmental. Do not call it love- to raise the pointed finger. Do not call it love to be cold and calculated. Do not call it love to yield to cynicism. Love must really be love. I will be pouring out a love that you can feel and you must embrace this love. I will pour out a fiery baptism of love on you and your generations, and it will be my burning love that allows you to operate not from the head, but from the heart.

Do not fight Me My people as I pour out that which is in My heart to pour out. My kindness will lead you and your nation to a greater repentance. I know your imperfections better than you do but I will win you with a baptism in My fiery love. Do not withstand Me in this, as this will be the most dangerous place to be in, if that should so happen. The closer you are to Me the less I will permit you to resist Me in the great kindness I will now pour out on your nation- and through your nation on the nations of the world. The closer you are to Me, the less I will overlook you distorting who I really am. Even if you have served Me well, I will even call you home early if you can’t comprehend the abundance of my kindness that I will now begin to pour upon you as a nation. I have called you to be ministers of reconciliation and not ministers of judgment and you must stay out of that seat as it will boomerang on you. My grace is released so that you may radically love, radically forgive, radically give, radically worship, radically hope, radically model and radically advance who I am on planet earth. The time is now and this is what I have determined. My kindness will win and My fiery love will fulfill it’s purpose."

Johnny Enlow March 24, 2015

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