"Europe, Nations of the World, As You Have Done to Israel"

“The day is near when I the Lord will judge all nations! As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you. All your evil deeds will fall on your own heads.” Obadiah 1:15 (NLT)

Even as my heart goes out to Brussels, Belgium and the many victims of another senseless jihadist terrorist attack, yet I am stirred in my spirit to note the fulfillment of scripture that is taking place. It is well documented and established, Europe’s rising anti-semitism often disguised and hidden by its’ “Palestinian compassion” posture. What Europe is presently experiencing is exactly Israel’s reality. As opposed to most historical guerrilla activity there is no reasonable compromise that can be made to please the jihadists.

In Israel, the Palestinians by official position, do not desire any win-win scenario. They want the absolute extermination of Israel and of Jews. It is not a grievance driven jihad, it is a hatred driven jihad. It is official, it is institutional, it is in the education system, it is so part of Palestinian fiber that almost every day in Israel, Palestinian kids are attacking Jews with the sole purpose of killing them. There is no moral equivalent from Israel’s side. Israel is willing to co-exist, Israel has no official or unofficial death wish against the Palestinians, their kids are not running after Palestinians and stabbing them- though they do not go even one year without multiple attacks, rockets and bombings from the Palestinian side. This is no more of an “occupation” situation, than is it in Europe. While Palestinian society rewards terrorists by naming city squares after them, any Israeli who gives into violent rage against Palestinians is severely condemned by Israeli society at large.

As You Have Done to Israel

Europe is experiencing their own version of this unreasonable jihadist perspective. The jihadists do not want better treatment. They do not want better jobs, better housing, “equal rights” or the like. The jihadists demand absolute domination and extermination of existing culture- with the people expendable if necessary. Europe is finding out that even when the muslims are not “extreme” that there is very little desire to culturally integrate. Even the “moderate” muslims know they are working a plan to become the majority and thus impose societal norms. Europe now finds themselves in a monumental day of awakening to the real world- especially Israel’s real world. They have repeatedly pointed the finger and accused Israel of a myriad of offenses against the Palestinians. For creating a police state. For creating de-humanizing check points. For not sufficiently withholding fire etc. etc.

Now as a Biblical manifestation of the justice of God, they find themselves not only headed to be doing all Israel has been having to do- but desperately relying on Israeli intel and strategy to even know how to proceed. This will only continue. Israel has been amazing in not finger-pointing but in stepping up and providing all they can to assist the nations being devastated by the jihadists dujour flavor of the day (ISIS presently). Even in our own limited terror situations on our own country, it is Israel that comes to our defenses and provides critical understanding at what we are facing. Even as it relates to the disputed, San Bernardino terrorists’ cell phone, it is Israeli technology that is now coming in and giving access to potentially important intelligence.

It is a Year of Jubilee for Israel

It has been 70 Jubilees (every 50 years) since Joshua led Israel into their Promised Land. We have been proclaiming this blessing over us as the Body of Christ in 2016, but in no way can we go “replacement theology” with this blessing and exclude Israel. Woven into every Year of Jubilee is the Justice of God and this is a reality we will see on behalf of Israel as well. Additionally we will increasingly see Israel be the anvil upon which the nations of the world have their destiny “beaten out”. This is confirmed in the scriptures.

“And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations are gathered against it.” Zech. 12:3 (NKJV)

This ultimately is the guarantor of Israel’s safety in the coming days. They are surrounded by nations and peoples that wish their extermination, yet it will not happen because the great archangel Michael has an assignment to not let that happen. It is for Israel in general, but it is most specific for Jerusalem. The surest way to experience divine devastation is to attempt against Israel. Iran is threatening itself in an enormous way with what it is instigating and plotting. (The majority of Iranian people do not seem to share its’ governments perspectives and God is moving tremendously in Iran.) It’s evil deeds will fall on its own head- as it says in the opening scripture of Obad. 1:15. It does not matter if Israel is wholesalely righteous or not- this is about having proper fear of the Lord by the nations.

Israel and our Upcoming Election

Our next President will be a strong defender of Israel, and it will a determinant factor in who God choses to lead our nation. It will be one of His gifts to Israel in their Year of Jubilee. Our present administration has mixed reviews in its support of Israel and perhaps our occasional unfairness towards them has given us our own occasional vulnerability (San Bernardino). It is a big deal to ignore totally clear scriptures concerning Israel and fair treatment of them and their challenges. It is not about giving them a “free pass” on all they do - but at least being fair. Europe, by and large, has not been fair (some nations worse than others) and at times our own administration has put unfair pressure on Israel and pretended not to see the sinister motivation in the ruling Palestinian entities. It is time to be honest.

A Time of Extreme Grace for Muslims

Let none of this post serve to engender anything other than compassion and love for muslims at large. God is going after them with a passion as never before. Masses of muslims are coming to Jesus now even in huge open crusades. It is unprecedented. Thousands more are coming to Jesus every day through dreams where He reveals Himself to them as their Savior. His heart beats passionately for a people who have been trapped in a great blinding and lying darkness and He is awakening them to Himself in many ways. More muslims have come to Jesus since 9/11 than in all the previous history of Islam put together. It is game changing time for muslims. The loss of oil revenue is part of the extreme grace. The instruction in properly honoring Israel is more of that extreme grace. It is an important day to understand the dual thing our God is doing, that while passionately going after muslims He still has as reference point the proper treatment and attitude towards Israel.

Until Jerusalem is a Praise in the Earth

Isaiah 62:7 gives us an end game for Jerusalem. He is going to do this and yet He tells His intercessors to keep Him on task, as ridiculous as that might sound. He loves partnering with us.

“ And give Him no rest until He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” (NKJV)

This is going to happen. Israel is forever. Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital. The God of the whole universe- of which the earth is not even a speck, of a speck, of a speck, in our galaxy- shed His own blood in that city. God’s blood is in Jerusalem. Let that soak in. That is what gives it ultimate assurance of being a praise in the earth. He who paid the price for its’ redemption will oversee the intense process of it becoming what it was intended to become. This is all part of the great thing God is doing in 2016, because what God is doing is always connected to Israel as well. He is a Master Director and He loves interweaving all aspects of His plot. He will be greater than Israel’s enemies and yet He will spare no expense in pursuing Abraham’s other children.

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