California Rejoice Your Redemption Draws Near

Today is 5/5/15. Last night as I was flying back from the east coast, I heard and wrote down this word.

"California rejoice your redemption draws near. California you have been much maligned and even given up on by many of my leaders and prophetic voices. Many of them have not been able to see you through My eyes of hope and have thus erred in their perceptions of you. I will overthrow the words of cursing that have been spoken over you and I will confirm My promises and prophetic revelation that many of my faithful seers and intercessors in California have seen for the last years and even decades. You will now step into a season of acceleration into advanced destiny and a restoration and redemption from the years that the locusts have consumed. I will be openly kind to you because it is in my heart to be kind to you and I will cast down the decrees and declarations that were presumptively spoken against you.

I will now come and I will fully awaken you to that which you are destined to step into now. I will jump start your heart to a whole new level and you will respond to the passion that I feel towards you. I am coming to awaken love in you and you will respond to my touch and you will respond to my initiative. This love of mine will not be confined to churches but it will pour out into the streets and into the byways. It will pour out into the studios and into Hollywood. I will forgive you your sins and I will release a wave of great grace and it will be greater than every counter move that the enemy has planned against you. I will come to the north and I will come to the south. I will come to the beaches and I come to the desert. I will invade the fertile valleys and I will invade your city life. I have responded to the prayers and decrees of those I love and I am coming everywhere- with love.

If you ask what will be the effect of this thing that I do among you- the answer is that it will stir God-consciousness and God-awareness. I will be the talk of the town, the talk of the boardrooms, the talk of the movie sets, the talk of fields, the talk of the surfers, the talk of students, the talk of the city, the talk of the neighborhoods. I will do even that which many of you have thought that I couldn’t do- until you as my church had more of your ducks in a row. I will show you the power that is in my love and I will show you the love that is in my power and you will again know that I am great and mighty and irresistible when I chose to move in response to those who love me and who love the cities I have placed them in. My love will begin to impose and my love will begin to change all of your dynamics.

I will heal your heart of rejection and I will heal the hearts of the outcasts that are scattered throughout your cities. I will arise wherever ny name is worshipped in spirit and in truth- but I will also arise where I have not been adequately worshiped. My arising in and on you will cause you to break out in worship in response to me. I will be praised all up and down the state and I will be praised in many ways. I will be praised with music and song but I will also be praised and worshiped without music and song. I will be praised in your day to day life and in all that you do. I am a God you can not put into a box, and a God you can not limit by your assumptions even of what you think limits Me. I will now arise on you California and I will be great in you and you will be a sign and wonder to my church and you will be a sign and wonder to the nations. Today I tell you watch what I do among you. Watch and be amazed at My greatness- and watch and be amazed at My kindness."

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