Christmas Healing Dream

I woke up today (Christmas morning) with a vivid dream. In this dream I was in a setting with a large extended meeting going on- that no one in particular was leading. A news reporting team from Time Magazine was present and they were interviewing me as to a story they were going to put in the magazine. They were reporting on how everyday believers were operating in the power of God and seeing many healings. They were asking me to tell my personal stories and I was telling them that it all began for me in 1995 (when I was still a paint contractor)- which was true as this was when I took teams to many nations and we saw amazing healings and miracles. In the dream I noted that Randy Clark, Todd Bentley and Bill Johnson were all in the these present meetings and were also involved in praying for people to be healed. I myself began to get many words of knowledge for healing. I remember commenting to someone that this was great that a non-Christian magazine was covering all of this and that a report of all of this was going to be going mainstream. I then awakened.


The healing theme continues for me as the Lord has been speaking that over and over to me for this season- and I have been sharing on that. The Time Magazine part is significant as this means it is Time for both the uptick in healings to take place and for it to be so widespread that it would be reported on by the secular media. Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley and Randy Clark are all names associated with healing and I think that is the significance of them in the dream. For this to be a Christmas day dream tells me that this is His gift to us at this time for us to be inundated by so much healing that it is noted in mainstream media. I think He wants us encouraged by this as well as expectant to see and participate with this increased outpouring of healing.


In the dream I gave out some words of knowledge and I will give them out here as well. If it applies to you just say , “I receive it now in Jesus name”. Here they are. Somebody has some injuries from a bicycle accident and God is releasing full healing to you now. Anyone who has experienced unhealed injuries from a car accident the Lord is healing that now. Anyone with a lower back injury of any sort God is healing that now. God is healing a left ear lobe infection. A ringing in the ears is being healed. A rotator cuff is being healed. You will feel the healing heat and you will know it is you. Right leg shin splints are being healed right now. Headaches are being broken off right now. Fear that has been trapped in the stomach area is being broken off right now. Pain in the right eye is lifting off. A throbbing elbow is being healed…Whatever else you have faith to be healed from receive it now.

Merry Christmas!!

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