Johnny's Christmas Eve Dream

I had a dream Christmas Eve that spoke to me that this theme of reconciliation is going to be with us for some time. In my dream I was about to speak at a conference of the church movement I grew up in. I have never been invited to do so yet and have imagined what message I would give them if I had the opportunity. In my dream I was about to speak that which would in fact be a correction of the emphasis they carry, when suddenly I heard the Lord say to me that He wanted me to instead give them a message telling them of all the good things that they had given me that had served me throughout my life. I was a bit taken aback as this group has been considered by many a cult and has some core theological deficiencies- yet here in my one time to speak to them He wanted me to emphasize loving them above injecting them with truth serum.


The Lord then spoke to me that we as His Body are way overcommitted to Truth and way undercommitted to Love. It is not so much that Love is more important than Truth, it is that Love is the Truth. God is Love. Jesus said "I am the Truth." The Holy Spirit was sent as the Spirit of Truth. They come together as two legs, but Love is the lead foot and Truth backs it up- as opposed to the other way around. He showed me that coming in Love starts a conversation and that coming in Truth ends a conversation. We are ending too many conversations right and left instead of starting conversations right and left. This wrong dynamic is happening throughout church circles as well as in our way of relating to society.


Reformers must be Reconcilers or we just become lightning rod polarizers and separatists. Love must be built into the assignment and no kingdom assignment without it is legitimate. As the saying goes, "nobody cares how much you know -until they know how much you care." The good news is that He is going to pour so much of His Love on us in 2015 that we are going to rise up as a force of reconciliation in our families, in our churches and in our cities. We are going to first taste and see that He is good and then we will take that into society. This next move of God is going to be a sweet one.

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