My Recent Trip to Colombia

So much to process and share right now. My recent trip to Colombia had some remarkable highlights that I want to tell about because it gives a little insight of practical ways we can begin to cross over into "secular" settings with kingdom presence and kingdom solutions.

First of all, it was so interesting that while my siblings were texting me telling me my mom was in the last stages of life here on earth, I was in the home of a high government official praying for people to be healed- and delivered. A politicians' mother was healed from a totally deaf ear and she cried as her mother told how she could now hear. The power of God was strong in the house and tears, shaking and even demonic casting out was taking place. My phone kept buzzing with new texts about my mom but the government official kept bringing people before me that needed prayer and it really was the right thing to be about.

I was invited to Bogota by government officials who paid my way, put me up in a 5-star hotel, fed me 5-star food and gave me an honorarium. Though I have met with many government leaders in many nations, it is still quite rare that it happen in this fashion. It is usually orchestrated through church connections.

My main event was an all morning meeting with about 200 government workers in the office of a high official. I was introduced again as a "social reformer", "author" etc. but also as a "spiritual leader and mentor". The high official informed these under him that they didn't need just natural preparation but spiritual preparation. Because I was announced as a spiritual leader, I was able to share with them out of known Bible passages such as being "salt" and "light" -and how Jesus original desire was to find those willing to partner with Him to be that in society thus allowing good to triumph over evil. I closed telling them of their responsibility before God to represent Him in humility, integrity and being solution-oriented. I then invited all who would agree with the following 3 conditions to stand up and I would pray for them. These were:

#1- If you desire to be a partner with Heaven/God on this mountain of government.
#2- If you recognize you actually need help from God.
#3- If you want to be a source of solutions for the reformation of your nation.

Every person in the room stood up- though I was told that less than 10% were Christians. After I prayed for them that God help them in their assignments and help cover them and their families- I told them that if they wanted they could also have a relationship with Him and assurance of eternal life. I told them He would help them with their assignments even if they didn't wish to pray for eternal salvation. They all chose to pray with me acknowledging Jesus as their Savior. I then called out a few healing words of knowledge and had confirmed that the pain had left. After all were dismissed I stayed for another hour as person after person came up for prayer for healing or family problems. There were people shaking and falling out in this government building though I was trying to low-key it as much as possible. Having a couple hundred people get saved in a government building, and getting healed and delivered in that same building really beats that happening in a church setting. I was buzzing when we left. In the afternoon we had a similar repeat with a roomful of mayor's wives and other government workers. Too much to tell all.

In Bogota I also met with the Governor and his wife as well as the Controller and his wife and prayed and prophesied over them. This was at the fine restaurant they took us to. It was again wonderful to experience God out of the box of church settings and bringing power and life on a key mountain of society. The kingdom was meant to function and to be made manifest in government.

In Barranquilla I was stretched in unique ways while speaking to a group of about 50 professors and 200 students in a public school of over a 1000. I was brought in as an "author" and "reformer" and was to speak on this topic to a non-Christian audience. I first spoke with the Principal/Rector of the school for 45 minutes and was able to give him some prophetic words - though he didn't know they were prophetic words- as I didn't introduce them as such. I spoke to the teachers and kids about the 7 mountains and then specifically about the mountain of education. I then walked them through shifting from left brain to right brain processing and how doing so connects them to being able to experience love, joy and peace and then closed out by praying for them. His Presence came in and many were touched. The Rector, the professors and the students were all happy with the morning long event. Kids came up at the end in essence for prophetic direction. Being a "secular" setting it was outside my comfort zone but the Holy Spirit provided navigation for bringing heaven into society itself.

I also had a night speaking to Businessmen in a non-church setting as it relates to the mountain of economy. I shared with a mixed crowd how they were wired by God to be entrepreneurial and how He is available for help. I told them stories of supernatural provision for cities and nations that we have seen - and then when I gave an opportunity to receive laying on of hands through a closing prayer - every single one stood up for impartation to become ministers of wealth on behalf of advancing light and righteousness on earth.

While in Colombia of course I also preached the whole 7 Mountain Mandate at a wonderful kingdom church- and had private meetings and ministry with an Admiral, a judge, business owners and other key leaders in society. It was an intense schedule, but I did feel like I was going from mountain to mountain and giving significant understanding for the reformation assignment in society itself. All this was taking place while my mom was in her last week of life here on earth. My brother told us that only a couple hours or so before she passed on she was praying out loud for me aware I was in Colombia- as well as other needs in the family. Truly an amazing mom and intercessor- truly an amazing week.

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