September is specifically designed to be a month of breakthrough prosperity. It is the closing month of the Year of Jubilee and it will be the greatest month of this year (5776-Hebraic calendar) of mercy and grace.

Here is some context: So much about what God has been after is us getting huge breakthroughs in important character matters that can then sustain huge breakthroughs in influence and finances.

When WE think "breakthrough" we generally think "finances" and/or "influence". Many of us have wearied in waiting for that "breakthrough" to be actual reality. We keep hearing it prophesied, we keep hearing the promise of it- but most are not really experiencing it the way we have anticipated it. Sometimes it has felt more like further breaking-DOWN rather than further breaking-THROUGH.

The good news is that many of you have in fact already gotten the HUGE breakthrough that matters most- the breakthrough in important character. This is the internal breakthrough that allows for the external breakthrough we have been much more excited about.

Think of "breakthrough" as being a golden barbell that weighs 300 pounds. If you can't lift 100 pounds there is no point you being given the bigger amount. You can get so much "gold" of influence and resource that it crushes you when you are not inwardly built up to hold it.

God is right now eagerly desirous of us getting our big breakthroughs in our respective callings and destiny assignments. Therefore He has been allowing and even orchestrating ideal (translate - perplexing) circumstances so that internal strength is built up. Many of you are now great weight-lifters in the Spirit :) - ready for the significant "golden barbells"of breakthrough prosperity.

I am hearing that the Lord is going to be very extravagant and overflowing in His abundance towards us. In most cases we will still not be deserving and maybe even barely ready for the prosperity He is pouring out on us. Yet, He is going to be jubilantly generous- as He is more passionate about us living in our Promised Land than even we are. It is HE who promised the land that flows with milk and honey. It is HE who said you will be the head and not the tail. We are not trying to talk Him into that- He is just trying to ready us for what He has for us. The assignment before us is the reformation of nations and for that assignment He needs His understanding kids in breakthrough posture. He is fully committed to using weak, fragile, little- US. He has no alternative plan.

So if you have found yourself so stretched and so refined that you have lost almost all self-confidence - then YAHOOO you have gained the awesome spiritual muscle of dependence on God! The only greater muscle than "dependence on God" is "absolute dependence on God"! Anyone getting ripped muscles in that one?
Well, if so you have already experienced HUGE BREAKTHROUGH and are now prepared to experience the visible rewards. IT IS TIME TO PROSPER.

For September, cooperate with God's prosperous intentions for you by remaining hope filled and courageous- and by guarding yourself from people and reports that drain you of either of those. Yes there is evil and yes there are conspiracies in ALL the 7 mountains- but don't fear about a one of them. He who sits in the heavens is laughing at every single one (Psalms 2:4)- and we are going to shortly and progressively experience just why HE has been laughing. Quit shaking at that which He is laughing at and it will be the beginning of your personal positioning for prosperity. Expect everything that happens in September to be working towards your prosperity. IT IS TIME TO PROSPER!

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