Another Dream of Rain and Floods

Last night I had yet another dream of intense rain and flooding. I have never had such a repetitive theme in my dreams. I can only gather that we are in fact "on the cusp" of a really powerful visitation as He had spoken to me as I ministered with Doug Addison three nights ago at a conference on Architecting Hope. Every dream has had some new details and puzzle pieces to add to the whole. In this dream I was in the very center of a large city with many high rise buildings. We all knew a great rain with serious flooding was about to come in. As it came in it surprised me as it was much more than I imagined. It was as if the ocean had emptied into the city and there were strong waves all over. For me the water was about chest high. There was no fear in the dream but definitely some amazement. All the high buildings were falling into the water but no one was getting killed or even hurt. Kids were playing everywhere in the water and then climbing on the broken-off buildings and structures. I was somewhat concerned for their safety but seemingly nobody was getting hurt. Suddenly the tallest building was falling over and it was a huge church bell-tower made of old stone. I was concerned here as well that people would get hurt but everyone was out of the way as it fell over slow enough for all to avoid. As the dream progressed the flooding itself quickly went down and in fact it seemed that it was that very day that the repairing and rebuilding phase of it all was immediately in place. There was no debris anywhere and the main thing I noted was that the city landscape was now going to be minus the real high buildings. I awakened very moved by the dream and then after a while fell back asleep. When I did, I was back in the same dream and it was the end of that very same day of the flooding. As I looked I saw that in front of all the homes that had been flooded, mothers were out washing clothes by hand. I was amazed that this was a priority but then knew all the old washers had to have been ruined and that they must be concerned that their family clothes not mildew or reek. With that observation I awakened.

A great and seemingly unprecedented move of God is about to sweep in and its' central target is our cities. This is an urban assault of love from heaven. The child-like ones will enjoy and play in this revival-like feeling even as it knocks over many established structures and systems. However, this flood is coming in not just to revive but to reform. It is coming in to level every high place that exalts itself against the knowledge of God- beginning with the distortion coming out of that which is presently called "church". That "old time religion" really is just not good enough any more despite the song that champions it. Society is no longer responding to the old bell of a hell, fire and brimstone message. As the heavy flooding recedes it will leave us with the clear assignment of societal reformation and it will advance quickly with the old having been damaged and in removal. The end scene with mothers washing their families' clothes by hand in front of their homes- is something I am still chewing on. What I do understand though is that our clothes are our identity and mothers are somehow going to be stirred by this next move of God to make sure the family is walking in clean, fragrant clothes. Something about the awakening of the mothers to a new level of watch and care over the family atmosphere and identity.

A love like we have never seen is about to invade and it is going to affect everything. Agree with it in every way that you can as we desperately need it. This is not a repeat of any past move of God but "behold He does a NEW thing and SUDDENLY it will break forth." We say Yes, Lord.

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