Passover RED Tsunami Wave Alert

The Azusa Now event signified the arrival of what I had previously seen as a great blue wave. That was a wave of revival and revelation that will reverberate a long time. I now see a great red wave coming in for Passover and there is a RED wave alert associated with it. Right up front let me state that this RED wave is nothing to be afraid of and nothing to dread. God forbid that I would ever be used to frighten His kids in a season where He has determined so much victory and advancement  for us. This RED wave is about how the blood of Jesus is going to be taking over matters through the rest of 2016 and some of what that will look like.

In the original Passover an enslaved and oppressed Israel were told to apply the blood of a spotless lamb over their doorways and when the judgment angel came it would see the blood and move on.  Though we often think of Passover as that which symbolizes grace thru the blood at the cross- we must remember that in the original Passover it was not just about avoiding judgment. The judgment that came, came into the oppressors camp and took out the first born strength of the enemy. This served as the definitive catalyst for Israel being launched out of bondage and into the journey towards their Promised Land. Passover was the causal agent that meant the oppressors’ back had been broken and they were on the way to a land that flows with milk and honey.

So April 22, 2016 begins a most important Passover week. The fact that this is the 70th Year of Jubilee since the children of Israel crossed into their Promised Land only heightens it’s significance. It is a historic time. The dreaded recent Tetrad Blood Moons were by and large totally misunderstood and misrepresented- much of it by voices who market in fear. Many of these same people will begin in the next season to again warn of random disasters and doomsday scenarios that they expect to be coming “just around the corner”. Please do yourself a favor, and spiritually vaccinate now for that coming messaging. The heavens declare the glory of God not the advances of Satan. The blood moons were announcing this incoming RED wave that is coming in like a tsunami. The blood of Jesus and the grace it provides is coming in and it’s going to be greater than our sins, our abortions, our Supreme Court edicts, our President’s supposed failings or our general societal evil.

If I can remind you of the supposed “inevitability” of judgment last September and October and how none of that happened- and how many thought me radically, crazy for saying nothing would happen. Then the forecasts shifted into the doom being at the start of the 2016 year- especially after the market hiccuped. Some “the sky is falling" scenarios were again broadcast. I told you the market was not crashing but only figuring out how to absorb the new oil glut paradigm. As of today the Dow Jones has bounced back to right under 18,000, the NASDAQ right under 5000, and the S&P at right over 2000. These are all pretty much the high water marks for all three of these economic indicators. They don’t mean our debt is good, or that all economic indexes are healthy, but combine that with an unemployment of 4% and it tells you we haven’t collapsed and the economic engine is running. Even to put the $19 trillion debt in perspective all we would have to do is double our GDP for one year and it would mathematically cover that debt :) That would only be a minor miracle and well within our God’s capabilities.

I was given the RED as an acronym for three things the blood of Jesus is going to be accomplishing beginning this Passover season. The R stands for Replace, the E stands for Expose and the D stands for Displace. The blood of Jesus is coming in to Replace, to Expose, and to Displace. Now for those of you who hang on to the scripture “the heavens are the Lord but the earth He has given to the sons of men” (Ps.115:16) as some kind of proof that we make our own destiny as humans, let me remind you that is an Old Testament scripture- and that Jesus came and redeemed all to Himself as “the Son of Man”. He then, in Mt. 28:18 as Resurrected Son of Man stated “ALL authority in heaven AND earth is MINE…”. This means that the significance of “the blood of Jesus” is not just that it is the legal means by which sins are atoned for, but it changed the Ps. 115:16 dynamic as well. The heavens are still His and now the earth also has been given to His Son BY HIS BLOOD. He becomes the ultimate assurance that the destinies of the nations head in the direction He wishes. Man cannot fail and sin enough to offset what the blood of Jesus accomplished on behalf of Papa’s designed story line for mankind. This is an important understanding and to not embrace it is to remain in some deceived level of Deism where we believe He is God but ultimately limited by us, in what He can do on planet earth. Jesus is also a man whose free will can not be violated and since He is the Savior of the world He will exercise His free will to accomplish on earth all that is in His heart. He has that legal right.

That legal right of Jesus will now be exercised over the United States of America. He has a relational sensitivity to us and what we are thinking, praying and desiring but He has no legal restriction for sovereignly bringing about that which He believes is next for us. This is the RED wave alert, Jesus in coordination with the Father and the Holy Spirit is bringing what He has designed as next for America. Here is more on the RED wave.

#1 REPLACE- To put something back or the process of putting something instead of.
#2 EXPOSE- To reveal something (hidden or dishonest)
#3 DISPLACE- To take over the place, position or role of someone or something

RED wave alert! The blood of Jesus is coming to town to replace, to expose and to displace! I believe we will see this in multiple manifestations and that it will be felt both in the church as well as government, the economy and other mountains of society. Be prepared. He is going to put some people back into positions/ministries they previously lost or defaulted from. This is one way He will re-place. It is also a time where expiration dates are up on certain people, systems and structures and He will be replacing that which has had its’ time allotment expired. Just like in the parable of the talents there was a day the Master came back and accounts became due so too today we are entering  a season where demotions and promotions are coming. Keys, titles, deeds, commissions, mantles, inheritances are being given to the new thing that is in agreement with what the blood of Jesus is here to accomplish.

In the present news headline of the ‘Panama Papers’ release we are seeing an early picture of the exposing that is coming. Those documents have already served to take out one Prime Minister (Iceland) and really there is much more to come both from those papers as well as from other means. We are seeing these exposures also taking place in our present electoral season where both parties are bearing out to have strong dishonest underpinnings to them. There has always been hidden dishonesty in church and world systems but the public exposure of it is going to be quite extensive as we advance deeper into 2016. The blood of Jesus is coming in like a red tsunami wave to expose much of that which is not under the blood- and replacements and displacements will be following. It is all but the beginnings of Him coming as the Great Reformer of our society. United States has a lead call for matters of the world right now and God is not about to back off His commitment to seeing America step into next level destiny.

Watch President Obama June 1- December 1

One of the things that has greatly displeased the Lord has been the way much of His church has bashed and dishonored President Obama. It has gone beyond the pale of fair criticism into defiling and prejudicial hatred. Dishonoring anger has been a most common expression and there has been pointed ignoring of the scriptural command to properly honor and pray for those in authority. A massive judgmental spirit has been fattened in the self-righteous and those who don’t abandon it will reap undesired consequences of what they gave vent to. What you sow you reap and how you judge comes back on you. I am not speaking that over anyone but yes I am reminding us what the scriptures explicitly tell us.

I believe that the Lord is calling us to two things as it relates to this President- and all subsequent Presidents. Number one, we secure in the spirit, by prayer the office itself. We pray wisdom, clarity, truth, grace and protection over whomever is there and we make it a no-fly zone for the enemy. Number two, we honor the office itself even when we disagree with decisions. Nowhere in the scripture do we get permission to dishonor anyone including parents- if we disagree with them. Honor is more important when you disagree than when you agree. We have a poor Christian-honor response towards our Presidency and but for the grace of God he and the nation would not survive the avalanche of curses sent his way. Fortunately there are enough of those praying for the President and his office that God has chosen to have those prayers trump over the curses other Christians are sending him. The enemy has skillfully and effectively manipulated believers to attack our own Presidency in his attempt to gain enough access to do serious world damage. God has been gracious to us but it is still a very great wrong that we must change.

Connected to all of this I believe the Lord has shown be that He is going to pour great grace on President Obama and I was given the dates of June 1- December 1 as dates he would be under the grip of grace. If we think we can just ignore the rest of the weighty decisions that our President must make in 2016, while waiting for the next, we are greatly mistaken. No matter who comes in in 2017 we need our present President operating from the anointing of God. I believe the Lord has shown me that there is a great closure that He has for President Obama and that He is asking us to agree with Him by #1 praying for and #2 honoring who HE put in as our President. He wants us to know that He did not just give us “our hearts desire” as a nation- He gave us who He saw as best. Some of you have misdirected anger towards the President when you are really mad at Him. Our God understands our zeal for certain righteousness issues- that many think have been trampled, but we have taken it too far and also not understood God’s patience in His dealings with us as a nation. He is so much more interested in changing our hearts than in correcting our laws, and when He gets the first done, the second follows.

There is Power in the Blood- to Reform Nations

We have known and sung that there is power in the blood “to wash us white as snow”. That is definitely worth celebrating throughout eternity. However, we are about to enter a learning curve on the power of the blood to reform nations. The blood encapsulates His legal right to bring His will "on earth as it is in heaven", and it also contains all the dunamis power in the universe to accomplish it. This is a time for new songs on the blood of Jesus to be written and sung. Songs that exalt and reveal Him as ruler of the nations in a new revelatory way. Songs that convince our hearts the best is yet to come because of His blood. Everything is turning. Everything is changing. Every mountain of resistance is coming down- and it is all because of the blood. This Passover the crest of that RED tsunami wave hits us and that which the Azusa Now blue wave initiated goes to another level. Wonderworking power is coming in.

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