Super Bowl 49 Prophetic Message

God is Looking Out for America and Will Now Open the Double Doors of Blessing 

What an exciting Super Bowl game! Appropriately, it was the most watched TV program in history. There are so many messages from this game that I doubt I can cover them all. Watching the Super Bowl is like the spies being sent to the Promised Land. I make this analogy because our Promised Lands are the center stages of this world as this is where our God is destined to shine brightest in the coming days. It makes no difference who presently showcases themselves there, as it will all tend towards Him and His glory. It is why we Arise and Shine.

Many and maybe most believers can only see the giants of Super Bowl Sundays. They see questionable half time shows and racy commercials and are ready to chalk up the whole experience as the enemy on display. Yet those with the spirit of Caleb can look onto the same scenario and see great fruit in the midst of the giants. We must become adept at seeing hidden treasure and fruit and not overreact to giants that are destined to be bread for us.

Here are the great Super Bowl stories as I see them, listed by priority.

1) Malcolm Butler - 2nd Malcolm in a row to be a Super Bowl Hero

Tom Brady was the MVP, but all acknowledge that Malcolm Butler is the Super Bowl hero with his anticipatory interception at the goal line, that in fact snatched a victory from the impending jaws of defeat. Interestingly enough, the MVP of last year's Super Bowl was also a Malcolm (Malcolm Smith). He intercepted Peyton Manning, securing a win for the Seahawks last year. 

The name Malcolm means "servant of the dove" and appropriately enough, the servants of the Holy Spirit (the Dove) are the center stage heroes two years in a row. Malcolm Butler was quickly quoted as saying, "I had a vision of making a big play," and that's exactly what happened. Up to that point he felt like he would be the goat of the game because he was the defender on that incredible bobbling catch only a minute earlier. In an interview today, Malcolm Butler stated, "I believe in God. I'm truly blessed. I just prayed all this week. I pray in other times too." Amazingly, an undrafted rookie from a Divison II School who was working at Popeye's restaurant has been catapulted into fame, for which He gives honor to the Lord. Additionally, my wife discovered that the name Malcolm is listed as #444 in popularity in America right now, for those who remember my posts about that number. Psalm 44:4 speaks of victories that are commanded by God.

Butler: Even his last name carries great significance. A butler is the hired help to run a household. I have noted that in many of the protests concerning Ferguson and other places, some protest signs read, "We're Not Just the Help." The Latino and African-American communities are often made to feel like they're the hired help of America. God's not ok with this and is going to let the "butlers" of America who have grown up in difficult settings become the heroes on many stages of society. Butler was number #21, which is the age citizens receive their full rights. God is looking out for the "smiths" and "butlers" of this land and will be their great Help.

2) Tom Brady - Thomas means Twin/Double Portion 

The Patriots, in their red, white, and blue, represent the United States of America. There has been a 7 year drought in between this Super Bowl victory and their last one on 2008 - the year the stock market collapsed. Tom is 37 years old and set a record with 37 completions. This connects to Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones becoming an exceedingly great army as we agree with God and decree what He says, as opposed to what it looks like. Many of the prophetic words released for 2015 have carried the "double" attached to it, including my word on "Double for your Trouble." Despite the foreboding that so many carry over America's future, and despite the fact that many have seen America as a team at the 1 yard line defending herself from disaster - God Himself is going to show Himself strong on America's behalf and make sure the recent economic gains we have made will not be lost. The double doors are being opened up over us economically and we will step into a double portion season of grace and opportunity.

3) Game Score 28-24: Deut. 28:2-4 and Ez. 28:24

The Deut. passage says, "And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God: Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country, blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks." This speaks of economic blessings described every way possible and I believe that He has found enough of a presence of that in our land to grant us this outcome. The God I have come to know looks for excuses and reasons to qualify us for blessing, as opposed to one who looks for reasons to disqualify us.

Ez. 28:24 says, "And there shall no longer be a prickling brier or painful thorn for the house of Israel from among them all who are around them, who despise them. Then they shall know that I am the Lord God." This tells us of unusual covering and protection from God over Israel in this season of ISIS, Iran, and other factions being against them. Part of the purpose of our economic strength for the coming season is to partner with God as a nation in providing this protection. Military upgrades are in order - though the battle is the Lord's.

4) Attention on Seahawks and Patriots

Both teams are being highlighted simply by the reality that they participated in the Super Bowl. The Seahawks draw attention to those that are "See Hawks" who will be given favor, which continues to be a focus for the Body of Christ. We must learn how to rise above the fray of the obvious and see with His eyes, because the matrix of His reality is completely different than what normal earth-bound eyes can see. The Seahawks were the easy choice to win for many Christians, including myself, as they have a strong Christian contingent led by Russell Wilson himself. There is a website called that shows the Seahawks giving honor to God. They're doing great, yet because they lost, I sense God is speaking to us about our nation. It has become so easy for many to see and speak disaster over America and God will not allow His "See(ing) Hawks" to be validated or vindicated in their negative perspective of America. God is looking out for the minorities of America and for Israel as well. He knows we need to be strengthened economically in order to properly extend ourselves on behalf of both of these groups. He has "butlers" who've been having visions of shining and He will most certainly be giving them opportunities.

5) Half Time: An Explosion of Creativity

Personally, I thought the Half Time show was very entertaining, with perhaps one of Katy Perry's songs of choice being the least desirable aspect of it. Katy Perry was called out and prophesied over at a very young age that she would be given a world stage. Her parents are Spirit-filled pastors. Lenny Kravitz is a Spirit-filled believer who was in the recent movie, Holy Ghost. Missy Elliot makes it clear that she's a Christian too. These the 3 stars of the Half Time didn't display the overall raciness and darkness of recent past Super Bowl Half Times. (I choose to find and focus on the fruit and treasures, as opposed to glorifying giants.) Katy seems to still be wrestling through her relationship with God, but you know what- so are many of us. I believe we saw a taste of the future with this Super Bowl, as the greater true creativity, joy, and glory will be increasingly carried by those who identify with Christ. We're going to have the eye of the Lion and the world will hear us roar with His greatness.

There are a couple of other prophetic sub-messages that I'll only briefly mention. I believe Boston is the geographical headquarters of the Mountain of Education. In 2014 I released a Rosh Hashanah word describing how God has sent a great angel to assist in the transformation of Education. I shared that indigo is the color of the Mountain of Education, which is the primary color for the Patriots - a further confirmation that the transformation of education is a priority in this season. This was Super Bowl 49 (7 x 7) and this year the Jubilee year begins, where the supernatural lifting off of financial weights will take place for many. All in all, the Super Bowl results point to agreement with the prophetic season that has been confirmed by many. This is a year to be a Seeing Hawk and to understand that thinking Patriotically towards America lines up in agreement with what God Himself is declaring over us. Whether we all choose to agree or not, this will be the result, because the Malcolms (servants of the Dove) are out on the playing field positioning themselves for being game-changers. #‎SuperBowlMessage #‎RiseMalcolms

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