America, I'm not About to Judge you Because of Your Courts


Like many of you, I’ve been trying to perceive the Lord’s heart over all the many strong opinions concerning the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that legalized same sex marriage. To the best of my ability to perceive His voice and heart, this is what I heard:

"America, I’m not about to judge you because of your courts. Church of America, I’m not about to judge your nation because same sex marriages are now legal in the land. America and Church of America, you are both in need of more correction AND more mercy. You are both simultaneously more messed up AND more wonderful than you’ve imagined. Church, you are less representative of who I am than you think you are-- and your government and Supreme Court are less like gates of hell than you think they are. You are both a work in progress and you are both in need of radical change. This is your big news from MY Supreme Court today. Change is coming and get ready to change-- because change is what you will do. I’ve released the hosts of heaven and I’m pouring out of My Holy Spirit in an unprecedented manner and church, both you and your nation are about to go through a merciful, heavenly overhaul. This is extreme makeover time for the United States of America. I will personally be orchestrating this national overhaul, so make sure your agenda fits with Mine, or your agenda will not go well.

Church, My overhaul will start with you. You haven’t known if you’re to be a people of truth or a people of love. Many of you have been saying love is important, but not many of you have been willing to actually showcase that. Love looks like something. You can’t just claim to have love while "speaking the truth in love.” If people can’t feel your love, it isn’t love. Your love response is more important to Me than your truth response. I’m not impressed by your zeal for My standards of holiness. Impress me by your zeal for loving the unlovely and seemingly “unworthy" to be loved. I did not send My Son Jesus so that He could remind the world of My rules. I sent My Son because I so loved the world while they were yet messed up and violating My rules.

In some ways I am more pleased with your culture than I am with you. To some degree they have better carried My heart of compassion than many of you have. They’ve understood that the outcast, rejected, and isolated can’t just remain a pariah of society. Yes, they may not be completely in touch with My standards of holiness, but they are in touch with My heart of kindness to the outcasts. Your Supreme Court did not rule the way they did because they hate Me and My standards. Most are relatively ignorant of Me. They ruled the way they did because they felt the pain of a rejected niche of the population that wanted a right others had extended to them. They interpret your Constitution as allowing that freedom, while others see it differently. Either way, know that I’m greater than your Constitution. It has many of My priorities within it, but it’s still much less than who I am.

Know this, I’m not near as troubled as you think I am about the direction of your courts and of your laws. You have some good changes taking place and you have some changes that aren’t as good. I’m way more concerned about My church and My house. Your courts and your laws are only a reflection of what's going on in My people. When My house is not a place of My presence and My power, then you default to religion and rules. Heaven isn’t run by rules and religion, but heaven is filled with My presence and My power. Church, on earth as it is in heaven.

My church, do you want to know what your primary sin is? Your primary sin is that you’ve preferred rules and principles above My presence and My power. This primary sin makes my Holy Spirit not welcome in the very places He is given lip-service to. Church, I love you beyond anything that you can imagine and I also love America more than most of you know. I provided for America to become a blessing to the world. She is far from perfect, but she is My gift to the nations. All will one day see what they would have been like had I not made that provision. Church, it’s important you understand that I have not given up on America. I’m not close to giving up on America.

Is America perfect? No, not even close. While you’re concerned over rulings of the last few days, yet you still have many, many other laws and ordinances that stand in absolute contrast to who I am. Many of your immigration laws are in direct contradiction of who I made you to be. Many of your criminal justice laws are way out of synch with who I am. You haven’t sown into your legal system mercy clauses that represent Me. Your abortion laws, your gambling laws, your tax laws, your healthcare laws, your education laws-- are all filled with ordinances that are against My way of doing things. You're not as close to utopia as you think to be so concerned about this last ruling, as if then you would be a righteous nation. You have precepts and ordinances all over the board that are not representative of Me.

So why do I still love you and America so much? I love because that’s who I am and that’s what I do. I love you easily because My patience and longsuffering exceeds your capacity to understand. I love America because she has continually moved in the right direction and she will continually do so in the future. She has moved in the right direction as much as she could, considering the state of My church. For a church as unfriendly to My Holy Spirit as she has been, America’s doing great. This is why My overhaul of your nation is starting with you. I will do so in love and in mercy, because that is My nature-- but I will overhaul you. I will overhaul you, My church, so that your nation may enter into her true destiny of greatness. When I have a people who truly love Me, My presence, My power, and My love-- then you’ll enter your greater destiny as a nation. I don’t need you being the sin police for your nation. I need you to be those who carry My love, My kindness, My hope, My power, and My presence. I need you to carry relational Me, not transactional Me. My Holy Spirit is an incredible sin police when He fills a place or a person. Be friendly to Him and let Him do His job.

My church, I love you so much because you’ve attempted to be faithful to Me and to please Me. However, I’m now coming to you and I’m going to instruct you on My priorities. I’m going to saturate you with so much of who I am that it’s going to soften your parched hearts. I’m going to pour in so much of heaven on earth that you’ll cease to be at war with everything that you’re at war with. I don’t need you warring against anything that is flesh and blood. Your only war is against Satan and his demons. They always show up with distortions and lies of who I am and how I am. I’m going to pour out so much of My Spirit on you that you’re going to better recognize your enemy-- and it’s never people. I need you to stop fighting. I need you to stop fighting with My other kids who also see an aspect of who I am that you don’t see. Just stop the fighting. I am going to help you stop the fighting. I don’t need you fighting for Me, I need you loving for Me. I need you letting Me radically love through you. Don’t love just the saint-- and don’t love just the sinner. Love sinner and saint alike. I don’t need you involved in holy wars. I don’t need you involved in wars against deviancy. I need all your attention and energy. Become an expert in Me. Let that be your war-- to know the real Me. To know Me in ways you don’t presently know Me and to see Me in places you didn’t know I habituate.

My People, as an example of how you’re to be in society, this is how I’m going to come to you— I'm going to be kinder than you deserve. I’m going to heal you of diseases that are your fault. I’m going to forgive you of debts that were also your fault. I’m going to take care of all kinds of things that you’re helpless to take care of yourself. Furthermore, every move towards Me that you make, I’m going to reward far beyond what seems reasonable. I am going to be so generous and so merciful with you that you might wrongfully think you’re behaving better than you are. I will not deal with you as you deserve, but I will deal with you as I desire. I’m going to bombard you with kindness-- and if you will but pay if forward, it will transform your life. What I will give to you is exactly what I ask you to give. This is My priority for your nation-- that I would have sons and daughters who would display Me as I truly am. When you do this, your nation will better represent who she is called to be. When you do this your laws will better represent My heart. When you do this you will see transformation of your society. So change is coming. Extreme change is coming-- and it’s starting with you. The One who began a good work in you will see it through to the end. I am your Supreme Court and this is my edict-- both for you and for your nation. Go and ahead and rejoice because this is going to be a wonderful thing."



Wow, what a tsunami of opinions and emotions flooding the internet since the Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage for gays (read my previous post for my take). What is becoming more and more evident is the different perspective of who God is, that exists among us believers.

If I were to judge God's mood based on the many posts released by Christians, I would gather that He is very upset, very worried, very ready to release catastrophic judgments and altogether in confusion at how He is going to get the LGBT crowd to understand they are sinners bound for hell.

The God I see and know however, is quite unlike that. He is 100% at peace, 100% at rest, 100% not worried, and 100% hopeful and 100% hope filled. He totally saw and understood the trend, seeing that 37 States had already ruled to allow gay marriages. He totally understood that an increasing portion of the population had a sentiment of compassion towards the LGBT community. He also saw how His church was complicit in stirring these feelings of compassion by the unchurched- as the unchurched resented the judgmentalism they perceived/received from the church.

The God I see and know, doesn't just obsess on His rules, He understands the soul and mood part of humanity- as this too comes from His image. He is so patient and wise that He knows when it is time to work on the sin issues and when it's time to work on the soul issues. When the woman caught in the act of adultery was dragged before Him, He knew that the sin issue to deal with was the sin in the judgmental religious camp. He was not going to tell the adulteress about HER sin until He had chased off the accusers because of THEIR sin.

He is still doing that today. He is not going to grant satisfaction to the sin police until He has chased off their finger pointing ways. He doesn't care how angry they are about the adulteress (LGBT community) getting away with no condemnation from Him. Her soul is His priority right now as she has been signaled out, called out and shamed before the whole world. He is not going to even talk about Her sin- until her soul has experienced some unconditional love of the Father. This is the good and kind God I know. He has never been soft on sin- but He has always been so high on mercy that it looks that way.

The God I see is extremely excited about this spring season of the kingdom of God- that has just begun, and He has just released millions of angels to be a major part of His spectacular era of renaissance "show time" that is about to break loose upon the earth. If you love God and long to carry His love with power these are the best days imaginable and you will be mightily used. If you are instead one who believes your priority is to berate sinners, then the coming days could be quite difficult for you. He is coming again as "friend of sinners" and you are going to be surprised at who He uses to carry His power and His glory.

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