The Stock Market is Buckling A Bit

So the Stock Market is buckling a bit. The Sovereignty of our God is going to be increasingly clear as we advance through this year of Jubilee. One way to observe it even presently is in the adjustments/bumps Wall Street is presently going through. In His grace He orchestrated so that this did not happen in September or October. Doom and gloom scenarios were so widely expected that the Christian-engineered panic might have virtually collapsed the market.

It is obvious China is needing to make and will make some adjustments - and God will help them with that. They are not going to be devastated either. Their immediate pain will translate into long term gain. God will have mercy on China. Their economy will kick in again and surprise the so-called economic experts.

On the good news end of things for the United States, the dollar is stronger than ever and oil prices continue to drop. That does create pain in certain sectors but the world energy source is being shifted away from oil (as I covered in my book Seven Mountain Mantle). I won't pretend to know all the timing for the markets up and downs but I will tell you God is in charge and He is watching over everything. He will also expose necessary economic cancers.

If you are invested in the market you will be in best shape if first of all you stay calm and connect to the Holy Spirit. Then shift into courage and boldness as your spirit senses what He is saying to you. Do not respond out of fear- or out of greed. Respond out of trust in God. Honestly you have no business having any investment in Wall Street if your are not bringing Him into the picture. This is no time to go with prevailing winds or trends that He isn't confirming. Their is no finer economist on the planet besides the Holy Spirit and if you will give Him the chance He will give you your buying and selling cues like no one else. He can be trusted.

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