World Series Prophetic Message

I believe that there are some fun and relevant messages for us from the recent World Series result of the San Francisco Giants defeating the Kansas City Royals. The Bible says that "the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen", letting us know that truths of who He is and what He is doing will be made manifest even by matters that take place in His creation. When Jesus said, "the rocks will cry out if you don't praise me" it is another verse that tells us that at a subatomic particle level everything is in fact connected (this is scientific truth) and His truth will be declared even other ways if we fail to get it right.

Many, of course, thought that the Royals would be the team to win as the best prophetic message for us. What could be better than a parallel story that shows our King's kids winning over giants? It was interesting to me that the winner of the final game 7 was in fact a great reliever/believer named Jeremy Affeldt. What is unique about Jeremy is that he was originally drafted by the Royals and played for them in his early years. He has now been an integral part of the Giants amazing run of 3 world titles in 5 years. Here is a truth I extract from this. It is great to have the identity of Royalty but we also must take it one step further and live out of the identity of Giants. The Bible says that "greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world" and when we live from that place we can be a manifestation of righteous Giants. Giants is the name on the uniform, and truly our team and our side is the Giant team in the world today. We often forget that and live and respond as "the tail" but the clear call and assignment is to be "the head and not the tail". Our God is always greater and mightier and it His uniform we live from when we seek first the kingdom of God.

I looked up the definition of giant and saw: "a person of exceptional importance and reputation". This is truly who each of us is called to be and invited to step into as we "stay in the game" and take the swings for Him that we are ordained to do. I thought it also fun and enlightening that Madison Bumgarner was the overwhelming star and thus MVP of the World Series. He was beyond phenomenal. It is more than a certainty that the Giants don't win without him. His nickname is MadBum and he grew up in a log cabin made by his father. I love it that even if you are a Mad Bum, if you will put your uniform on and represent the Almighty- that you can be a major game-changer. God truly has chosen the weak, small and foolish things of this world to shame the wise. With His uniform on, even a Mad Bum can become "a person of exceptional importance and reputation". God tells us, "let the weak say I am strong" and step into the greatness that can be found in Him as we find our team and play our role. The invitation for all Royal sons and daughters of the King is to advance the understanding of that Royalty until we live as a Giant on the inside. An internal Giant will live out of a foundation of "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." He is always greater on the inside than whatever the enemy can throw at us.

I believe that there is also significance to San Francisco being again highlighted. I remember being there a few years ago and being almost shocked at what I felt in the spirit while there. I had lived on the East Coast where the narrative among Christians is that San Francisco is the "homosexual capital of the world" deserving severe judgment at any moment. While walking through the city I heard the Lord say, "My heart is still in San Francisco". This of course the famous, Tony Bennett song that I found out is played after every home victory by the Giants. The Lord corrected my perspective of the city giving me His and it was quite impacting to me and something I will never forget. I was deeply stirred, emotionally feeling His heart towards the whole city- and the much maligned homosexual community. The last line in the song says, "When I come home to you San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me." I believe that with this 3rd title we have entered into a fulfillment time of God "coming home to San Francisco" and that the city will now step into it's golden shining for Him. If this seems impossible for some, it just means your Royalty identity has not properly melded with your Giant identity. For internal Giants- "all things are possible". The Golden Gate of America will now swing open as never before and California and this nation will step into her golden destiny. God is also about to "come home" to the gay community as never before and there will be a great move of God among them that He invites us to not sabotage through unnecessary vitriol.

I also believe that a positive spotlight is cast on Kansas City just for having made it to the World Series. Kansas City represents the heart of America coming alive and beating with Championship fervor after decades of underperforming. In the movie Superman, Clark Kent wore a Royals t-shirt and I noted that back then. Of course, he had to move beyond that identity to step into his Superman status and that is a repeat message. He told us that the big S on his uniform meant Hope, and that truly is what makes us able to fly above the challenges. Royalty plus empowerment makes YOU the Giant. I believe the city of Kansas City is in the process of garnering national and international attention for the transformational changes finally beginning to transpire. The cup of prayers is overflowing and now being accompanied by practical steps into city participation. We can't reform a city from a prayer room alone but as we accompany that with practical participation with the 7 mountains of society. As God told Joshua, the soles of our feet must touch that which we want transformed.

Finally, I loved it that two second place teams made it to the World Series. I see that there is a strong movement out there called "I Am Second", that is challenging believers everywhere to live for He who is First. Those that can step into this dynamic truly become those that can become the Division Champions- or champions over division- that will make it all the way to the World Series. May all sons and daughters of the King arise into our full potential as we find our team, wear His uniform and show up for the assignments He has given us. Spectators (rapture waiters?) don't win but players do. Champaign popping times are guaranteed on our side if we don't quit.

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