R I S E:

A Global Community

“For the earth will be filled
With the knowledge of the glory of the Lord,
As the waters cover the sea.”

Habakkuk 2:14

RISE, which stands for Reformers Influencing Society Everyday, is a movement of reformers who have fully connected to their purpose. They lead with love, are motivated by hope, and are infused with faith to see heaven come to earth through tangible solutions for individuals, cities, and nations. They’re a part of a global community that exists within AND beyond the four walls of a church to awaken, equip, and connect those who believe that God not only loves and cares about all of humanity, but also desires to display His love, kindness, and goodness through His sons and daughters in all areas of culture.


The purpose of the RISE app (coming winter 2019) is to AWAKEN, EQUIP, AND CONNECT REFORMERS. The app will facilitate an organic kingdom connection of reformers around the world—RISE, a Global Community. The RGC consists of a growing community of reformers who

gather in hubs (online or in public places such as churches, offices, coffee shops, etc.) in order to BE the Church in their areas of passion and influence within the seven primary areas of culture.

join rise

STEP ONE - Download the RISE app (free 3 month subscription)

STEP TWO - Take Mountain Finder Test (free)

STEP THREE - Create your Profile and use the filter to search for and view other reformers and hubs you are interested in attending (free)

In order to become an active member of RISE you’ll need to complete the RISE Course— either by reading our RISE Handbook or going through the RISE Online Video Course (7 hours). THIS is how we insure that everyone in the RISE community is actually on the same page when they meet. RISE active members can connect with the global community through the app by direct messaging other reformers and joining local and/or online hubs they are interested in.

Whether you choose to read the handbook or watch the online videos, they are exactly the same content. We’ve taken the very best and most important information we’ve ever previously taught or written about the 7 mountains and condensed it into this short handbook and video course which are ALREADY available.

You can go ahead and complete the course NOW so that you’re ready to be a part of our first wave of active members just as soon as the RISE app is available for download later this year.


Available Spring 2019 - choose pdf download or paperback book

Available Spring 2019 - pdf copy of RISE HANDBOOK included with video course