Seven Mountain Mandate Series Workbook

Seven Mountain Mandate Series Workbook

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This is an extra workbook for the Seven Mountain Mandate DVD Series and is not to be used separately:

In this 9 DVD series, Johnny Enlow inspires and challenges us to function in the fullness of our destiny, specifically in the areas of our personal interests and passions. You’ll discover that the very things that you may already be doing in life are opportunities for you to know more of God and therefore display more of Him to the world. Johnny goes in depth on proper end time theology that will give you a fresh perspective on the future as well as personal direction for how you fit into God’s plans of restoring His true name, face, and reputation to all. This is a great series to consider for small groups, Sunday school classes, and anyone who wants to be launched fully into our Father’s supernatural solutions that available for those who want to know Him and see Him revealed on every mountain of society.

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