One-time Donation

Thank you for your desire to help us as we pursue the many expressions of God’s love being displayed in our generation and throughout the nations. We don’t take the opportunities God has given us to advance the goodness of God, in all of culture, lightly. Your trust and generosity means so much to us and we promise to steward well over whatever amount you donate.


recurring partnership

What a great time to be alive as a generation of God lovers awaken to His invitation to introduce His world to the real Him. He is far more good and kind than we have even hoped for. It’s time to shine with His truth and love, presenting Him as not only the One who saves us, but the God of all of life.

Would you consider joining with us as we continue to awaken sons and daughters of God to their role in restoring His true heart outside the four walls of the Church, into every area of culture? For those who are able to partner with us monthly, we commit to praying for you as ones who are on the front lines of influence. We will also be providing our partners with periodic updates via email.


If you would like to mail a donation, please make out the checks to Restore7, Inc and mail to the address below:

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

Suite 183

7051 Highway 70 South

Nashville, TN 37221

United States